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19 Style Lessons I Wish I Learned Sooner

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It’s my birthday! I’m using this birthday reflect on what I’ve learned during my time on earth and I must say, there are a number of style lessons I wish I’d learned sooner.  Perhaps I wouldn’t be the same if I had as much knowledge in my youth as I possess now,  but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t take back the biggest style no-nos from my youth.

Living Fiesta Reiss Coat

What fashion advice would I give a younger me? TONS! Some of it has to do with preventing fashion disasters, others are more about owning my awesomeness – and letting it show through my personal style. Either way, I think my fashion journey may have been more enjoyable had I known then what I know now. Here are 19 style lessons I’ve learned so far:

Living Fiesta Reiss Coat 7

  1. Wear what makes you happy. Don’t force a trend because EVERYBODY says it’s the it style du jour.
  2. Don’t avoid dressing up because you are scared of the attention. People will stare anyway cause you are that damn spectacular.
  3. Experiment early and experiment often. It’s the only way to find out what really works for you.  Fashion mistakes at 11 make for adorable #TBT photos. Fashion mistakes at 21 make for an atrocious reputation.
  4. Buy less but spend more on each item. Yes it means more laundry, but you’ll sport less unattractive looks.Vanatei Cosmetics Purple Lips
  5. You have gorgeous lips. Accentuate them.
  6.  When you find a style or product that works snatch it up and stop looking for an alternative! There’s no need to fix what ain’t broken.
  7. If you find a style or product that “will do” pass on it. Keep looking until you find the perfect fit.Reiss Coat 6
  8. Wear clothes that fit. If they stop fitting throw them out. By the time you gain or lose the appropriate amount of weight you’ll want new ones.
  9. Overdressed is a myth. Underdressed is embarrassing. Living Fiesta Reiss Coat 12
  10. Try a style three times before you give up. Sometimes a trend isn’t for you, and other times it just requires more creativity. Find out which is true in the moment.
  11.  When invited to a themed event dress the part. You’ll regret not matching the theme more than the you would regret the time and money spent curating the outfit.
  12. Find the color that looks best on you and wear it often. Then find two back up colors and incorporate them into your wardrobe accordingly.Living Fiesta Reiss Coat 9
  13. Always invest in a good coat.  For at least three months out of the year that’s the only part of your outfit most people will see.
  14. Cheap shoes are NEVER worth it.
  15. Dress for your body, not for the trends. Every style ain’t meant for every body and that’s fine. When developing your personal style, start with what flatters your body and work from there.
  16. Don’t be afraid to shop alone. Buddies are great for offering their opinions but shopping alone can help you really focus. To be honest if you NEED someone else’s opinion that probably means you weren’t in love with it anyway right?Living Fiesta Reiss coat
  17. Invest in your accessories! They may seem trivial but the right necklace, scarf or shoes can make or break an outfit.
  18. Alterations are a Godsend. They make the difference between a nice piece of clothing and a well dressed woman.
  19. Plan outfits in advance. Sometimes you’ll come up with a cute look on the fly, other times it’s a struggle. Don’t get caught in these streets looking crazy cause you failed to plan!

Living Fiesta Reiss Coat 13Outfit: Coat ~ Reiss | Leggings ~ Ann Taylor | Boots ~ Louise et Cie | Sunnies ~ Thrifted

 Makeup: Foundation ~ Estée Lauder | Blush & Eyeshadow ~ Marc Jacobs | Mascara ~ Lancôme | Lipstick ~ Vanatei Cosmetics

I may not have always been perfect, but at least I’ve had fun with fashion over the years. Here’s hoping that I apply these style lessons to the future and make the best style decisions possible.

Happy Birthday to me!

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