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VMAs Red Carpet 2015

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Last night’s VMAs had a number of WTF? and cringe-worthy moments, starting with the red carpet. The biggest mistakes came from those who think being half naked is still shocking and buzz worthy and the best looks came from stars who stayed true to their personal style. Check out the best and worst dressed from last night’s VMAs below!


VMAs 2015 Justin Bieber


I don’t understand this look. Justin Bieber’s boots and jeans combo seems straight out of the 2011 version of Footloose and what is up with the Kate Gosselin hairstyle? This is a style mistake I expect from a country singer at their first awards show.

VMAs 2015 Rita Ora


Rita Ora got the memo about baring cleavage and leaving her sides out, but I like that she kept it funky with the feathered skirt.


VMAs 2015 Miley Cyrus

I have to love that Miley Cyrus actually remembered what the VMA red carpet is all about – being shocking and outrageous. Her promo commercials featured Miley in simple suspenders covering her tetas, and it seems that was a promo for her red carpet look – which was almost as bad as her hosting skills. Miley’s still trying too hard to be provocative, and while being daring works to a degree, it’s too much as a whole. I would have preferred she keep the suspender top with a less naked bottom and left the boots at home. Also, what’s with the Rachel Doelzal hair?

VMAs 2015 Ciara

Most new moms are eager to show off their new bodies but I have to respect Ciara’s decision to not let a body reveal overshadow her opportunity for bold style. Love the high collar and long fringe tassels on this Alexandre Vauthier Couture dress that make you even more curious about seeing her bod. The best part of this look is her matching shoes – where can I get a pair for under $200?


VMAs 2015 Frankie Grande


VMAs 2015 Frankie Grande 2

Dear Frankie J: Glitter is not a shirt. I do however appreciate the short shorts.

VMAs 2015 Hailee Steinfeld

At an awards show where everyone thinks sheer is “bold and daring” I’ve got to give it to Hailee Steinfeld for going against the grain and covering up. Her structured white jumpsuit is simple yet chic and her golden collar is a great accessory that doesn’t compete with the extra fabric up top. Love it!


VMAs 2015 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West


The potential future POTUS and FLOTUS must want to convince us they’re humble – why else show up looking like extras from Robin Hood? Kim’s dress may have been better as a jumpsuit and why does it look like her pockets are full? Kanye looks like the guy you see at the park wearing sweats as he works out so he can maximize his calorie burn. I’m all for #Kanye2020 but you CAN’T judge Michelle Obama’s style and then try to represent our nation looking like this.


VMAs 2015 Nicki Minaj

Normally Nicki Minaj takes every opportunity to shock on the red carpet but with her toned down style of recent years the only shocks we can expect from Nicki are in her acceptance speeches. Nicki stuck to the trends of the night with exposed cleavage, sheer fabric and understated hair.


VMAs 2015 Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is dressed like she put on extra weight and still insecure about her new body. I understand not wanting to upstage the artists but this look isn’t flattering at all. At minimum she should have had this tailored.


Did you tune in to the VMAs? Which looks did you loathe and love?

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