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Can Going Vegan Make You Prettier?

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By the time you read this I’ll have gone vegan. Just for a short while.

I’m trying the Knowles-Carter approach – 22 days without eating animal products –  and hoping by Bey Day (Sept 4) I look something like this:


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Okay, I probably won’t look like that because of my vegan diet, but one can hope right?

Most vegans choose the lifestyle as a protest to animal cruelty and while I do care about Cecil the Lion I care about my health more. According to my Googles, a vegan diet isn’t necessarily leaner, but it does mean excluding a lot of my favorite fatty foods like pizza, fried chicken and ice cream. Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have reported having more energy since adopting plant-based lifestyles and Chicago Bears defensive lineman David Carter tells GQ he dropped 40 lbs his first month as a vegan! I don’t need that type of weight loss, but I wouldn’t mind if exercising and fitting into my clothes got easier.

Cow Milk


I’m also praying the benefits of a vegan diet come through on my skin. I’ve struggled with acne forever and it’s probably related to my love  for cheese. Dairy intake has been linked to breakouts and if I want to stop spending $50 on moisturizer perhaps its best to cut milk products from my diet.

Kale, Quinoa and  Black Beans lead to clear skin!

Kale, Quinoa and Black Beans lead to clear skin!

Cutting food isn’t the only way I anticipate clearing up my skin. I plan to replace all the meat and cheese from my diet with plants rich with antioxidants (blueberries), vitamin A (carrots) and Omega-3s 9(peanut butter). Yes, Pinterest will be my best friend in helping me find new ways to take in these nutrients!

Even though veganism has a reputation for making people healthy overall I do have one concern with adopting the lifestyle – losing my hair.




Can I be vegan and keep my edges on fleek?


I’ve dedicated 2015 to restoring my hair back to perfect health and I’ve been doing pretty well! My Google searches let me know that vegans tend to have thin hair –  I’m guessing it’s because they have less protein in their diet – and I’m not quite ready so sacrifice the bit of volume I do have so I’m taking extra precautions to avoid hair loss and looking into protein-filled vegan recipes.


Chickpea Veggie Burgers

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Don’t worry, I won’t be one of those annoying vegans, that insist cauliflower fried chicken tastes like the real deal, but I will chronicle my “journey” as it relates to how it affects my body, skin and hair. I’m predicting that at the end of this 22-day period I’ll have lost three pounds, I’ll  have lost my dark spots to reveal brighter, blemish-free skin and I’ll lose a minute off the time it takes me to run a mile. The only thing I hope I don’t lose is my hair. 😉


If you’re vegan and have any delicious and nutritious affordable recipes to share – more protein please! – let me know!

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  • Mollie

    great article Esta! Keep ’em coming.

    • Thank you! Wish me luck with this new diet!

  • ShortFuse Shanique

    Tried vegan ice cream; hated it. I refuse to live in a world without good ice cream. All all seriousness. . .I eat a lot of cheese. Maybe that’s why I tend to get some disrespectful acne.

    • I’ve done vegan cookies and brownies but not sure I’m ready for vegan ice cream. I’m seriously hoping the lack of cheese will stop this adult acne!

  • I wish I could afford to be vegan, I just can’t. I wish you well on your journey

    • Thanks love I appreciate the support! It’s actually not expensive at all. I’d even argue it might be cheaper – unless you count dining out at trendy places.

      • Hmmm, I’ll have to do my research then, thanks!!!

  • Love this! I would like to live more of a vegan lifestyle, but it’s hard to say no to cheese man.

    • Girl, I feel you – dairy is/was my weakness but I’ve been getting by better than I expected!