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5 new Pratt Institute grads to look out for!

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Fashion is all about what’s happening next, so there’s no time like the present to discover tomorrow’s biggest designers right?

That’s why I attended the 118th annual Pratt Fashion Show, the annual senior showcase which spotlights inventive student fashion designs from Pratt Institute’s graduating class before an influential audience of fashion and business leaders. This year’s runway show, titled The Work, featured 14 talented students but five in particular really caught my eye.


Olivia Mains_Pratt Institute Fashion_Fernando Colon Photography

Olivia Mains used her collection to flirt with gender norms. Mains’ designs included men wearing traditionally feminine pieces such as crop tops.


Ray Liu_Pratt Institute Fashion_Fernando Colon Photography

Any of Ray Liu‘s pieces would have been appropriate for this year’s Met Gal!  Liu’s figure-hiding collection seemed to be largely inspired by Asian culture.


Alex Mangus_Pratt Institute Fashion_Fernando Colon Photography

Alex Mangus has the range! This collection showcased the budding designer’s ability to mix different textiles and truly experiment with creating fashion.



Allison Martell_Pratt Institute Fashion_Fernando Colon Photography

Allison Martell’s simplistic designs seems largely inspired by the 90s. Half lingerie, half pajamas, each look in this collection had a sultry bedtime feel.


Sara Teator_Pratt Institute Fashion_Fernando Colon Photography


Sara Treator was my personal fave! Her style is feminine and girly – a look that never goes out of style!


Check out the gallery below for more looks from the 118th annual Pratt Fashion Show:





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