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The 6 beauty Items you need to keep at your desk

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That bittersweet text at 4:18pm telling you where the afterwork groove is. Sweet because great – you now have something better to do than go home and watch Jeopardy! Bitter because when you left the house this morning you didn’t know you’d find plans and you’re unprepared! 🙁

No worries – If you stay ready you’ll be able to get ready even when pressed for time! Keep these 6 items in your desk – so that you’re always prepared to go out after work.



Even if you bathed in perfume before heading out the door no one smells so fresh after an 8 hour workday. Keep a rollerball or atomizer filled with your favorite perfume at the desk so that you can spritz it on before going out. Alternative: those little samples you get from subscription box or your Sephora order work perfectly also!



Sometimes you don’t have time to spruce up your whole face and that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean you have to look drab. Keep your favorite neutral lipstick at the desk – a classic red or a great nude works best – and you’ll be prepared to add finishing touches to your look.


Blotting papers


After an 8 hour day your face probably isn’t in the pristine condition it was when you first left the house. Even if  your makeup setting spray is that on point, keep something on hand to soak up excess oil so you can at least pretend you had a chance to freshen up before hitting happy hour. I prefer Beauty Blender’s blotterazzi, it’s reusable and comes with a handy mirror, but old school blotting papers work well too!


Baby Wipes/Powder

Again it may have been hours since your last shower but please don’t go out smelling like it! Keep a travel pack of baby wipes on hand to refresh your important parts. Hint: Baby powder works in a pinch as well. As a matter of fact, stock them both!



You keep a toothbrush at the desk already right? (Just say yes and place it there later because you should). Still, you’ll want to be super fresh for an evening out. Take a swish of that Listerine before leaving and put a few emergency mints in your purse before walking out of the door.


Bobby Pins

Like your makeup, your hair may not have made it through the day and you might need to restyle it. Keep a few bobby pins on hand so that you can (re)create a nice do when necessary.



Do you ever find yourself needing to freshen up before heading out after work? What items do you keep on hand at work in case an event pops up?

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