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6 Things I Want from Beyonce and Jay Z’s ‘On the Run’ Tour

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Jay Z and Beyoncé kick off their ‘On the Run’ tour at SunLife Stadium in Miami tonight and now that I’ve got my outfit all picked out, I’m coming up with a list of requests for the headliners. I expect them to do their individual hits, and of course their collabos, but here’s a short list of other things I’d like to see at this concert:

1. A duets medley/mashup

Few couples can say they have a catalogue of duets like that of the Knowles-Carters, and in a tour where both stars headline its obvious they’ll perform these hits, but can we get something a little different? What if Bey Z put together a medley of their greatest joint hits?  I’ll be more than impressed to hear them sing/rap seamlessly from “Bonnie and Clyde” to “Upgrade You” before ending with “Drunk In Love”. From my lips to Beysus music sheets please and thanks!


2. A surprise appearance by Blue Ivy 


The only creation from these two more beautiful than their duets is their daughter, Ms. Blue Ivy Carter.  Wouldn’t we all love to see if the world’s most traveled toddler inherited any of her parents onstage skills? I’d get my life if she joined her parents on stage for just a moment, especially if she attempted to dance or speak into the microphone. Ugh and if she had a matching  outfit I’d die!


3. A Standing on the Sun performance Standing-on-the-Sun-Beyonce-Reggae-Mix

So many tracks and edits were leaked as Beyonce worked on her last album but ‘Grown Woman’ seems to be the only one that made the finished album. Wouldn’t it be great if we not only heard Bey’s new material but the tracks that didn’t make it thru as well? Standing on the Sun, or the Reggae Remix ft. Mr. Vegas – would be nice!


4. More ‘Run’ footageBeyonce-JayZ-Run-Trailer

We know a movie starring Bey Z and featuring such great actors in the supporting cast just isn’t realistic, but I thoroughly enjoyed their trailer for the faux movie RUN. I find it hard to believe they called up all those A-listers to spoof us with a video that would keep us busy for all of three minutes so I’m hoping there’s unreleased scenes that will be tied into the show. Ooh!!  Maybe the concert is the movie, and they’ve weaved together an ‘On the Run’ storyline that allows them to show additional clips from the faux film.


5. A Partition striptease


Beyoncé said she got the idea for Partition watching a stripper and thinking, “I want to do that for my husband” – can we see it live? Of course I’m looking for the edited version – their bedroom business is theirs and theirs alone, but I wouldn’t mind some new burlesque-inspired choreography.


6. Nice merchandise

I love the graphics for this tour, and I love my souvenir tank from Bey’s Mrs. Carter Tour show so I’m kind of looking forward to picking up a tee this time around. I just hope its reasonably priced. 😉



Got your tickets? What are YOU hoping for from the couple during this tour?

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