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‘Annie’ remake releases first official trailer!

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Due for release on Christmas Day of this year, the Annie reboot produced by Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jay Z has released it’s first official trailer!

At first look it seems promising – the classic original songs “Tomorrow” and “Hard Knock Life” are included with a minor 2014 upgrade and besides changing a name or two they’ve stuck to the original script.

To stay true to the original there could’ve been some more tweaks. Cameron Diaz doesn’t seem as mean or sloppy as Carol Burnett’s Mrs. Hannigan and Jamie Foxx certainly doesn’t strike fear in your heart the way Albert Finney’s “Daddy Warbucks” portrayal  does. This remake seems like a more watered down version, but cute nonetheless!!

Planning to take the little ones to see this movie? Check out the trailer yourself:

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  • Lol..so before I even watched the trailer I was all like “noooo, noooo!!” but then I watched it. It’s adorable!! Lol..I might be interested in watching it. We’ll see

    • I’m definitely interested in seeing! I’m most curious about soundtrack changes and how they update dome of the details to keep the story current.