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Best and Worst Dressed: American Music Awards 2012

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Last night ABC presented the 40th anniversary of the American Music Awards, where America votes for its favorite artists and albums from the past year. This creative girl not only noticed who worked hard for recognition, but who was working the red carpet as well.

Blonde hair and yellow/gold dresses were a recurring theme throughout the night but which stars actually did these trends justice? See below for my picks of the best and worst dressed of this year’s American Music Awards.

Taking home her 11th AMA, Favorite country female artist  Taylor Swift rocked a long sleeve nude mini with gold embellishments and gold shoes. T Swizzle seems to be committing to this grown up image and it looks good on her! She’s getting sexier but keeping classy as she trades her signature flowing curls and red lip for a nude lip, straight updo and fierce dark eyes. Work it!

Scandal star Kerry Washington looks great in yellow – but this particular dress just isn’t doing it for her. It looks like she went back to the Bronx and picked up her grandmother’s yellow doily tablecloth to wear as a dress. For starters, the hem needs to be raised, the dress needs more shape and she needs to lose the matching purse and pink shoes. Her hair and makeup though are FLAWLESS!

Did Nicki Minaj steal Julie Bowen’s Emmy gown? With the blonde hair and minimalist jewelry she didn’t just take the gown, she took the entire look. It’s great to see Nicki in a normal dress, as opposed to one of her many costumes, and this is probably as close to a normal wig as we’ll  ever see her in. The look is okay, the neon isn’t too bad with her skin tone but she should’ve done something more to set herself apart from Julie Bowen.

Whoever Ke$ha now has in her circle convincing her to take better care of herself needs to stay there! This is probably the best she’s ever looked, her skin looks clean and flawless, makeup done properly and the Veronica Lake-esque waves are working!! Her body seems to be in much better shape and this dress is flaunting the tone she’s getting in her arms and legs. The cut of the dress doesn’t quite work for her body but the color works with her  and the simple black shoe and black nails are all the risk she needs to take. Keep it up Ke$ha!

Let’s just agree that Heidi Klum is mentally dealing with her divorce, and displaying her feelings through her wardrobe. While the gold shoes looks great against her skin, the dress just isn’t doing it. The slit is high and awkward, the accented shoulders are too much and the dress overall does little for her. She’s not the worst of the night, but we’ve seen her do better and she is better. She should’ve kept the shoes and got a different dress that wasn’t trying so hard.

Whoever told Nobodies Business Singer Chris Brown that it’s okay to go to a red carpet like you’re just about to run to Target real quick needs to be fired. Part of the glitz and glam of being on a red carpet is showing people what a well dressed celeb you are – why throw on a white t-shirt, hoodie and sneakers that the average Pathmark employee probably owns? And for crying out loud SHAVE!

American Idol Alum Jordin Sparks is a cute girl, but not cute enough to be forgiven for this dress. Mixing prints is difficult business, and should be reserved for the experts. There’s way to much going on with this, a sheer top with a deep V neck, belted hip and a different tribal print at the bottom? This should’ve been an obvious no.

Poor Christina Aguilera spilling out of her dress. This ombre inspired dress is just ALL WRONG. Putting the dark part of the dress on her waist and allowing the lighter parts to make her hips and breasts look bigger was mistake number one. Although her makeup looks great on its own, matching the eye makeup to the dress and purse was way too much. She should have searched for more contrast. From the neck up it’s a do, everything else is a don’t. Let’s not even get started on the shoes.

Kelly Rowland just keeps getting better and better looking each time we see her.Take notes Jordin, this is a print gone right! The neutral color with green accents is great for her skin tone, the dress shows off her totally toned arms and legs and the bejeweled shoes complement the jewel embellishments on the dress perfectly. Her natural makeup and simple hair also avoid making her look to busy. She may not have been up for any awards but she still wins best dressed of the night. Get ’em girl!

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