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Best (and Worst) Dressed from the 2015 Oscars

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Blush, peach and white gowns dominated the red carpet at last night’s Oscars but as usual, some stars shined brighter than most and a few didn’t live up to their full potential.  Check out which stars needed more improvement and who looked their best!


The Worst

Oscars 2015 Lorelei Linklater

What do you get when the gothic broke girl gets a last minute invite to the dance and needs to put something together with her sewing kit? Lorelie Linklater‘s look. The red and black color scheme should be fool-proof but the sheer covered in 90s-esque faux-Japanese details is trashy. Maybe if the lower half of the dress were solid black and slit-free this look could have been better.


Oscars 2015 Lady Gaga

Shedding the wacky costumes seems to be harder for Lady Gaga than it was for Nicki Minaj. Her white Azzedine Alaia dress would have been perfect had they taken in the sleeves but what was with these gloves? She looks like she finished getting dressed then her mom reminded her she had unfinished chores.


Oscars 2015 Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain looks like a divorced mother of the bride hoping to find her new boo in this Givenchy navy/black dress. It’s too basic and could’ve worn this to any event other than the biggest night of her career, and matching shoes seem like she didn’t really care that much.


Oscars 2015 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman showed up looking like she was going to an 8th grade prom.  Everything from the tube top, thick red waistband and platform open-toed strappy shoes screams, “I’m new to this”. To add insult to injury, her hair looks like she straightened it herself – but only recently learned how.

Oscars 2015 Will I Am

Seriously? Dressing well isn’t hard for men, so I’m confused about why Will.I.Am allowed this look to happen. The hat, stripes and cuffed suit make him look like those Indonesian performing monkeys that ask you to put money in their hat.


The Best


Oscars 2015 Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike finally got it right!!! She’s the perfect balance of playing it safe and taking risks – red and form fitting always seem to work but leg slits, especially in the front, and texture can easily straddle between daring and dumb. Had Rosamund made a choice between sheer sides or a belted waist,  wore a different shoe color – my vote is for gold! – and tanned her leg to match her upper body she might have been best dressed!

Oscars 2015 David Oyelowo

Most men throw on a black suit and either bother to get it tailored or they don’t but David Oyelowo took it a step further by stepping out in a deep red Dolce & Gabbana suit. Perhaps he should help out Kathy Griffin and sit in on an episode of Fashion Police?



Not only one of the best dressed but by far the most creative, Lupita Nyong’o was decorated in decadence in a custom Calvin Klein gown made of 6,000 pearls!

Oscars 2015 Zoe Saldana

Having twins must do a body good – Zoe Saldana is filling out this Atelier Versace dress like she never could before! She’s on-trend in a blush hue that complements her skin will and seems to have adopted the mermaid silhouette that always works for Sofia Vergara. If I could change anything about this look I’d remove the straps.


Oscars 2015 Anna Kendrick

Who knew Anna Kendrick had it in her to be on a Best Dressed list? The Into the Woods actress usually plays it safe but this Thakoon dress in coral was a risk worth taking! A bedazzled collar is all the flashy jewelry Anna needs and makes way to rock a voluminous undo.

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