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Best (and worst) parts of the 2013 MTV VMAs

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The VMA’s last night were all over the place – Taylor Swift lost her class, calling out the ex who inspired “Best Female Video” winning single “Trouble”,  Rihanna couldn’t contain her unimpressed facial expressions – ESPECIALLY watching Miley Cyrus and later Drake, and One Direction took home “Song of the Summer” for a single no one seemed to be listening to. What else did you miss? Read on for the highs and lows of this year’s award show:


Lady Gaga kicked off the show with her first ever live performance of “Applause”. Forget mid-show costume changes, Gaga changed looks FOUR TIMES during this single performance, starting in a habit a la Nicki Minaj and ending in a string bikini bottom with just shells covering her top half.


Justin Timberlake, who nabbed a total of four of the six awards he was up for, no doubt had the best performance of the night.  JT performed a medley of his biggest hits opening with his current single  “Take Back the Night” and a cast of well-dressed male and female dancers.  Halfway through the performance his N*SYNC bandmates joined him for a brief snippet of “Girlfriend” and “Bye, Bye, Bye” before letting Justin finish his solo performance with “Mirrors”.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis gave a lackluster performance of “Same Love”. Jennifer Hudson showed up in what looked like a last minute decision to have a sing-off with “Same Love” featured singer Mary Dalton, who just seemed exhausted the whole time. Despite giving a forgettable performance, the hip-hop duo took home three awards, including “Best Cinematography” , beating Beyonce for “Best Video with a Social Message” as well as Drake, ASAP Rocky, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar for “Best Hip-Hop Video”.

Even though she didn’t nab any moonmen, Miley Cyrus undoubtedly had the most memorable performance of the night. The “We Can’t Stop” singer came out in a bear costume and performed her single surrounded by women dancing in bear costumes as Miley gyrated and touched herself on stage. Wait – it gets better. She then stripped down to a bra and panties and was joined by Robin Thicke as the two performed “Blurred Lines” and she continued to gyrate – on him. Don’t worry, Paula Patton was probably too distracted to notice. There’s more. 2 Chainz came out, followed by Kendrick Lamar, with dancers who performed actual choreography but were overshadowed by Miley’s adolescent cries for attention.


What was REALLY the highlight of the evening? All the promos for upcoming projects. Eminem has a new album, Marshal Mathers LP 2, due November 5, with a single “Berzerk” out tomorrow. There’s still no release date for VH1’s TLC biopic Crazy Sexy Cool, but they did debut a new promo with more details than the last teaser. Judging by the new promo, this made for TV movie uses audio from the group’s Behind the Music special.  The upcoming project surprise of the night came from Lady Gaga. While still on the red carpet, Gaga told MTV Host Sway that Rapper 2 Short would be featured on her upcoming album. What?!


The lowest point of the night? MTV has made a HUGE fuss about bringing the show back to New York and hosting it for the first time ever in the borough of Brooklyn. So where were the Brooklyn artists? All the promos included the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn” and throughout the show they kept reminding us that they were in the ‘thoroughest borough’, but not one Brooklyn artist performed.  Lil’ Kim presented the “Best Hip-Hop Video” award but there was no performance from Brooklyn’s golden child Jay Z, no tribute to Biggie Smalls, or even Brooklyn-born songstress/video visionary Aaliyah, whose passed away 12 years ago yesterday.  What gives?

MTV VMAs 2013 were held last night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. For a complete list of winners visit

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