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Urban Decay ‘Revolution’ Lipstick: Best Thing I Bought All Month

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“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”
― Gwyneth Paltrow

Ever since my new obsession with lipstick started I’ve been determined to find a red that works just for me.  Sure, Marc Jacobs gave me a great plum color but I still needed that classic red lip!

About three weeks ago I wandered into Sephora and aggressively started trying out lipsticks. I tried Sephora red – cute, but not for me. I also tested a few from NARS and a couple other brands but it wasn’t until I got to the Urban Decay section that I found my hue – Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-bomb.


It’s almost like the shade was calling me. When I tried on the others I had to stop, think about it, look at the one next to it, examine my look in the mirror. Tilt to the left, then right. Take selfies and look again all before deciding they wouldn’t work.  When I walked up to the Urban Decay display F-bomb just jumped out at me. I tried it on and immediately fell in love. Just to make sure I wasn’t delusional I walked up to someone else and before I could open my mouth to ask what she thought she said, “OMG, that red looks GREAT on you!”


I managed to walk out with the last one they had – talk about luck! Their Revolution lipsticks retail for $22 but since I had a $10 gift card I only had to pay the balance of $12 plus tax. Score!

So now I have my trendy plum shade, and a classic red. I should be all set as far as lipstick goes – for now at least ;).