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Let’s Talk about these looks from the 2017 BET Awards

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The 2017 BET Awards had the best red carpet style I’ve seen from them in quite some time! So many guests got it right, but of course there are always a few who got it wrong.

You might be surprised at who showed up and showed out – check out my thoughts below:


South African model Pearl Thusi’s look is a bit too pedestrian for me. This would be nice for a younger star like Blackish’s Yara Shahidi but Pearl is cute yet forgettable in this look.


Trevor Jackson looks like the uncle you need to keep away from your friends. He wears what he THINKS makes him look youthful and it’s borderline creepy. I really don’t understand that this exposed chest is supposed to be about.


Deon Cole looks like Uncle Trevor’s equally creepy friend. I appreciate the effort to step away from the standard black suit but something is off here – it’s probably the shoes. Or maybe the baggy button down. Or the awkward addition of the Gucci belt. Too many trends, not enough cohesion.


Who is telling the girls that suits on an LA red carpet in June is the wave? Dascha Polanco looks dumpy. I usually love an all white look but this needed more texture, exposed skin or something to keep it from looking flat.


South African Actress Namzamo Mbatha often wears traditional African prints, but this may be one of the most creative ways I’ve seen the style incorporated into a look! She went tribal, sheer and skimpy without venturing into trend overload. LOVE IT!!!


WWE’s Sasha Banks makes me miss my purple locks! The green is a great compliment to her hair without fighting for attention. The skirt is super short but the long sleeves offer enough balance.


Blac Chyna’s fame may come from being a scantily-clad stripper but is it worth staying on brand when you look tacky? Fashion is more than simply showing off your body. This is a no from me.


Miss USA 2017 Kara McCullough may not be sure what feminism is but she sure knows how to work a dress!


Every famous woman seems to be glowing up after dumping their no good men and CLAWS actress Karreuche Tran is no exception. This purple Gareth Pugh one shoulder mini dress looks great on her, especially when accompanied by pink sandals. This blonde bob is a good look too!


Khalid looks frumpy as all hell – who allowed this?


I’m a firm believer that musical groups should LOOK like groups on the red carpet. The Migos seem to be the only modern act that gets this. Quavo, Takeoff and Offset are all showing their own personal style but the look is still cohesive. Clearly everyone adhered to the group text which read “we’re wearing tight black pants, floral blouses and shades” and brought their individual personality to the group look.


I ALWAYS say that I want to see men enjoying fashion, so it’s a relief to see D.R.A.M. making this long coat the focal point of his outfit. The colors are weather appropriate and look great on him. If I had to find something wrong I’d say he should have tailored the pants a bit better.


MC Lyte looks like a stud that is FORCED to put on a skirt when she enters Big Mama’s house. She’s clearly uncomfortable but looks really nice and I wish we saw more looks like this from her!


Issa Rae looks GREAT in this Balmain number! The colors are complementary and the cut is great for her slim figure. My one issue with this look is the hair. I get that extensions may be new for her but she needed better counsel.


Lil Mama did NOT come to play! I don’t know what caused this style transformation but I am here for ALL. OF. IT!!!!!



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