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Beyonce lets loose in 7/11 video

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Bey stans have been counting down the days til Beyoncé re-releases her surprise self-titled album on Monday. As with the original project, singles have leaked and the Beyhive spent all day discussing which single they prefer the mellow island “Ring Off” or club banger “7/11”. In case you needed persuading to love the latter Bey just surprise dropped an amazing video that is fresher than anything you

The video stars a solo Beyoncé in a sweatshirt and panties in the house doing all the things you do when you’re home alone. Pop locking, booty popping and checking herself out in the mirror and yes, she’s fresher than you as she does it all. Of course Bey shows us her wacky side, including failed attempts at difficult dance moves and changing into ridiculous outfits for no good reason.

Bey’s later joined by friends and it turns into a pre-game party – you know how you and your girls get dressed together and start the festivities with red cups long before you get to the club? If you pay attention you’ll see a potential Blue Ivy sighting as well 😉

I love this video! I must admit when I first heard the track I wasn’t moved but now I’m ready to hit the club. This is one of many times Bey has given us a glimpse of her personality in the past year proven she’s “just like us”. Check the video for yourself. Do you love it as much as I do?

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