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Beyonce’s “Grown woman” leaks!

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Summer can commence – Beyonce’s much anticipated  full length track “Grown Woman” has FINALLY leaked!!!!!!!!!

Beyonce Performs Grown Woman in Paris for the first time

Beyonce Performs Grown Woman in Paris for the first time

Bey’s been teasing the single since early April and fans have anxiously been putting her one minute Pepsi commercial on replay while waiting for the real deal. Now the Beyhive has access to the full 5 minutes and 13 seconds of  “Grown Woman” a single which seems to serve as Bey’s latest self-empowerment single.

In the song Mrs. Carter discusses how she’s matured over the years, learning who she is and what she wants. She eventually veers away from just talking about how she’s evolved into a “grown woman” and explains that taking ownership of her own sexuality is part of being a “grown woman”, all over an uptempo West African rhythm and the sound of screaming fans in the background.

Ready to hear the song it’s entirety? Look down, it’ll get you so excited!

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