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Ciara gets personal on new single ‘I Bet’

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Its been two years since we heard from Ciara and now she’s back with a new single! The slow-tempo “I Bet” is our first preview of her upcoming sixth studio album titled Jackie.

“I Bet” serves as the musings of someone semi-fresh off a break up who is ready to move on from the relationship but still longing to be desired by their former flame.

Ciara I Bet

The best part of “I Bet” is the hook, but each verse could use a little work lyrically and melodically. Theron Thomas of Rock City, who provides adlibs throughout the track, co-wrote the song  but perhaps Ciara should have teamed up with Taylor Swift for better lyrics than “Is that your bitch over there?/Giving me the ugly stares/The one with the silicone ass/and the Brazilian hair”.
It’s not quite clear if the single is about Ciara’s ex-fiancé Future – the two split shortly after she gave birth to their son in May 2014 – or just another sad break-up song. Ciara lacks the vocal strength one would expect if this single were based on something personal but she does sound like she’s trying.

Check out the song for yourself –  are you feeling “I Bet” or do you need more convincing before you get excited for Ciara’s new album?





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