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I Tried (almost) Every Single Clarisonic Brush Head

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It took almost two years but I’ve finally narrowed down the best Clarisonic brush head for my skincare concerns!




Originally I picked up my Clarisonic Mia looking for a deep clean that would clear my hyperpigmentation and prevent future acne. Clarisonic had so many brush head options – and kept releasing more – so I wasn’t sure which was best for my acne-prone, hyperpigmented, extremely sensitive combination skin which spends most days covered in makeup. I figured, why not try them all out?

At this point I’ve tried almost all the brushes – two were irrelevant to me –  Clarisonic offers and I’m pretty sure I’ve found my fave.


Clarisonic Sensitve Brush Head

When you purchase a Clarisonic device it usually comes with the Sensitive brush head. I thought this would be perfect for me since I have sensitive skin that reacts to EVERYTHING. I did notice smoother, clearer skin within a month but I found the brush to be a bit harsh on my face, even though I was only using it once a day, so I decided to try something softer.

VERDICT: Best for women with normal skin and minimal skin problems or men with sensitive skin.



Clarisonic Delicate Brush Head

If the sensitive brush was too rough I knew “normal” wouldn’t even be an option so I  went for Delicate. I found this brush to be much more gentle on my skin! I got just as deep a clean as with the sensitive brush but minus the irritation – even when I used it twice a day. Keeper!


VERDICT: Best for those with sensitive skin that isn’t acne-prone, especially if you wear makeup.



Clarisonic Deep Pore Brush Head

Once I noticed my pores enlarging for the first time in my life I decided using the Deep Pore brush might be a good option.  Huge mistake! This brush claims to be designed for normal to oily skin but while using it I noticed an increase in acne. It was super harsh – I felt like I was beating my skin up every night – and the only thing that seemed to make it softer was pairing it with Clarisonic’s Refreshing Gel Cleanser. I eventually decided to keep the brush head, using on rare occasions for my DIY facial treatments.


VERDICT: Best for occasional use – no more than once a week – like giving yourself an at-home facial. If your skin is extremely dry or delicate STAY AWAY!


Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head

All the acne from the deep pore brush left dark spots so I turned to the Sonic Radiance brush – which is specifically geared towards hyperpigmentation – looking for relief. Conclusion – Radiance is thebomb.com!  Not only did I pretty much stop getting acne altogether, but my dark spots became noticeably lighter. I am wondering how quickly my skin would clear if I used a dark spot clearing moisturizer immediately after cleansing with this brush.  Sonic Radiance brush head is by far my fave!!

VERDICT: Best for the most sensitive, acne-prone skin – particularly those with hyperpigmentation.



Clarisonic Acne Brush Head
Even though I’d found my go-to, I wanted to see how the  Acne Brush head compared. Would it prevent pimples so that hyperpigmentation wouldn’t even be a concern of mine? Initially, I can’t say that I noticed a huge difference switching from Sonic Radiance to the Acne brush.  It was just as gentle as the delicate and radiance versions but didn’t  give me the best clean when I used my favorite lightweight cleanser. Turns out the acne brush works best with creamier cleanser like Frothy Face Wash by Origins. I would use this brush again, but only with that specific face wash.

VERDICT: Best for sensitive skin that is prone to the occasional pimple. For best results use with a creamy cleanser.




I haven’t tried the cashmere brush because although it’s probably best for my skin sensitivity, I wear makeup on an almost daily basis and I’m not sure that will give a deep enough clean. Based on how gentle the radiance brush is and  how my skin reacted to each brush head during winter months when it’s a bit drier, I’d say LUXE cashmere might be worth trying if you have very dry skin or don’t wear makeup.



Do you own a Clarisonic? Which is your favorite brush head?




I finally got around to trying the LUXE Cashmere brush head!  This brush head is so soft that if you don’t put the right amount of pressure against your skin you’ll see your cleanser fly all over the place. It still helps get rid of dirt better than using your hands alone, but doesn’t offer the exfoliating benefits you get when using the other brush heads.  While using the LUXE brush head my skin was clean, but not as smooth as when I use other brushes and I found it necessary to use a separate exfoliant more often.


VERDICT: The LUXE brush is probably best for teens, or anyone else who doesn’t require a regular deep clean.


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