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Clarisonic Mia Review: Worth the Splurge or Waste of Money?

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Over the past three months I’ve used the Clarisonic Mia nightly to deep clean my face and I have to admit I’ve noticed a few differences. Not only does my skin looks brighter with each but I’ve also seen much less acne. The discoloration that appears after a pimple has dried up fades faster as well.  I’m glad it’s working out but there are a few things you should know before making this splurge.

The instructions are simple enough – Wet your face and the cleansing brush, apply cleanser to your face and clean each section for a total of 60 seconds. Avoid pressing hard against your faceespecially if you have sensitive skin. Not only does it inhibit effectiveness, it’ll make  cleaning solution/makeup from your face splatter all over the bathroom sink. Trust me – I know.


After 20 minutes of use your Clarisonic needs to recharge.  One day after your minute is up instead of pulsing once before shutting off it’ll do three quick pulses. That’s a warning to charge your device ASAP, as you don’t want to pick it up and find that the battery is dead!


The inside gets dirty too. If you wash off makeup frequently your brush head will no doubt get filthy – just put a mild cleanser like Softsoap on it and scrub against your hand. Unfortunately dirt and makeup may also get in between the brush head and the device itself. Remove the brush head once a week and use a damp cloth or Lysol wipe to get that extra gook out.



Choose the right brush for your face. There are five different brush options depending on your skincare concerns and each lasts 3-4 months depending on how often you use your device.  If you’re like me and find the sensitive brush a bit harsh, there is a delicate option. If you’re concerned with clearing out your pores or combating constant acne there are brush heads for that as well. Try as many as you need until you find what’s best for you.


As great as the Mia is I do wish I had considered the other models.  The Mia 2 is $25 more but not only does it come with a travel case, it has two speeds and pulses to let you know to move from one area of the face to the next. Since I’m no good with dividing the time spent on each section of my face properly, this would help me tremendously. The Mia First is $26 cheaper but only comes in white vs. Mia’s choice of eight colors. I feel like either sacrificing my pretty purple to save $26 or investing an extra $25 to have the timer and travel case would’ve been an even better use of my money.

Considering the Mia runs $125 and comes with both a starter brush ($25 value) and a sample of their Refreshing Gel Cleanser I’d say any Clarisonic cleansing brush is well worth the splurge! How bout you?

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