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Clinique Powder Brush: Best Thing I Bought All Month

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During last month’s clutter cleanse I ended up getting rid of quite a few makeup brushes, which means I had to replace them with better ones right?A few weeks ago I founda Powder Brush by Clinique for all over powder application.


The powder brush I got rid of was a cheap kabuki that I picked up at a drugstore a few years ago. brush scratched against my sensitive skin and often left me itching right after I would use it – no bueno.


Clinique’s brushes are more gentle on the face, so I don’t feel irritated when I’m applying powder. They are designed for sheer application of loose or pressed powder but you can hold lower on the handle for stronger coverage.



In addition to using this brush for my powder foundation – I like Clinique’s Stay Matte – I also use it for the HD finishing powder I got from Make Up ForEver, or when I apply bronzer on my face for an all over shimmer.


Clinique’s powder brush costs $33, but considering is provides even coverage, caters to sensitive skin and is antibacterial, I think it is worth every penny. I ordered my brush directly from, but you can also find it at Sephora, Ulta, Bloomingdales and Lord and Taylor. No matter where you buy your powder brush from, if you find it online make sure you sign up for EBates first and get anywhere between 2 and 8% cash back!


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