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Corporate Challenge: Wear your Philip Lim x Target skirt at work

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Animal Print Skirt  Phillip Lim x Target

Animal Print Skirt, $29.99
Phillip Lim x Target

Last month we all clamored to get our hands on the coveted cheap-chic line 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target, and I’m surprised at how many people don’t know what to do with these pieces. Are you looking for outfit ideas for your new fashion finds?

No problem! Over the next few Wednesdays, I’ll show you how to wear some of your favorite 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target pieces in cute, somewhat unexpected, ways – you ready?

Let’s start with the popular animal print skirt. Despite what you may think you can TOTALLY wear this piece to work – yes even in a corporate setting!


This one is simple – Take a crisp, clean white button down and add blue pointy-toed pumps. Boom! Done! In a corporate office the button down shows you’re still about business, and the blue shoes – though fun – help you avoid adding too much color since they match the skirt.  If your office environment is more casual feel free to wear a t-shirt and add a chunky gold chain for even more fun.



Top~ Express | Skirt~ Phillip Lim x Target |Shoes ~ Nine West |Bracelet ~ Banana Republic |Necklace ~ Gifted

There you have it – one of many chic ways to style your Phillip Lim x Target animal print skirt. Check back next Wednesday for more ways to wear this cheap-chic line!

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