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Daytime talk-show ‘The Real’ is coming back!

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Guess what guys? The Real is back!!

Host Jeannie Mai tweeted her excitement that the daytime talk show which also featured Tamera Mowry, Tamar Braxton, Adrienne Bailon and Loni Love, has been picked up to return for a full season.


Fans of the one month trial run were devastated when the show ended and it was announced that the show would not return for a full season. Apparently all that Twitter venting worked because The Real will return in 2014!

According to Tamar’s tweets, the show will air on BET (go figure) at nights – so if you were too busy working to watch when it aired in the daytime here’s you’re chance! Based on Tamar’s tweets, it is unclear at the moment if it will air on FOX in the daytime and BET at night, or if the show will only air on one station at one time.


I for one am glad the show is coming back. Daytime talk shows are struggling and it was cool to see a show that caters to a different audience than most.

Did you enjoy The Real during it’s summer run? Will you watch when it returns?

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