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DevaCurl Dryer and DevaDiffuser: Best Thing I Bought All Month

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Between tax day sales and Sephora’s Make Up For Ever Event (we’ll talk about that later) I admittedly overspent this month, but the purchase most worth it was the DevaCurl dryer and DevaDiffuser I scored during Sephora’s Beauty Insider sale.


After watching Miko Branch transform curls from limp to voluminous I was convinced I needed a diffuser. My only problem – I still hadn’t replaced my dryer after it broke a few months ago. Guess I needed both right? A friend mentioned that she had the DevaDiffuser and loved it, so since her curls are always poppin I decided I should give it a try as well.



There are  two speeds and two temperatures on the DevaCurl dryer, providing a range of options for how fast you prefer to dry your hair. I hate extreme heat but I’m impatient so I choose the lower temperature with a higher speed so I can finish quick without burning my scalp.

I’m still learning how to use a diffuser on my curls, I usually air dry, but I like how soft and frizz-free my curls stayed after using the DevaDiffuser. The hand shaped design gives a 360 degree air flow, but it also aided in scrunching my heat damaged strands to encourage a curl!


Not only does the DevaDiffuser help with my curls, but the dryer comes with a nozzle attachment that makes straightening at home easy. I straightened my hair using the dryer once so far and I have to say I was pretty impressed! Though I have some work to do to master DIY blowouts, my ends and roots (yes, even the hard to get to section in the back) came out pretty well!



Sephora’s Beauty Insider sale gave me 15% off and I ordered online using EBates for an additional 8% cashback, my dryer and diffuser technically only cost me about $126. Hopefully the dryer/diffuser will help me stick to my beautylution and avoid making many trips to the hair salon. Considering I can use it for more bounce in my curls, or to straighten my own hair when I want, DevaCurl dryer and diffuser pays for itself in about 4-5 uses. Not bad!

Have you tried the DevaDiffuser? What’d you think?

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