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DIY: My 2014 Beautylution

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Last year I resolved to learn how to use liquid eyeliner. I learned to love it, especially with a good red lip, but this year as my beautylution I’ve chosen something that will probably take more patience: In 2014 I’m going to focus on doing more DIY projects.

Once upon a time I didn’t rely on outside conveniences but somewhere down the road I started turning towards more store bought creations. I’d  have to say I’ve definitely noticed a difference between my at-home treatments and mainstream products and although it’s been a whileI kinda miss my home remedies.  Turning towards a more organic lifestyle will be difficult at first, but I’m excited to learn, and in some cases re-learn, how to not depend on products from the  beauty aisle to take care of my personal needs.


I’ll also enjoy saving money. As awesome as it is to have someone do my pedicures for me, I can about $240 a year just on my feet! Hopefully I can take these saved funds  and apply them towards something more fiscally responsible – like my emergency fund,  or something more memorable like a vacation.

So for the next 365 days I’ll be doing my own mani-pedis, straightening my own hair, and  giving myself facials with homemade products. Will they all work out? Probably not. But I’ll have fun trying new creations!!


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