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D’Orsay flats: A spring wardrobe must have

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Tired of the typical flat? This season your spring wardrobe staple got a makeover – add cut outs and you have the D’Orsay flat! With pointed toes, this new trend is a fresh update to the classic commuter friendly style. Thinking of trying out this trend? Here’s three ways you can go:


Cutouts more than trendy enough for you? Stick to a solid, classic color like black or nude.

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Why stop at cutouts? Try a two-toned or patterned flat and let your shoes be the star of your outfit for once!

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Ankle strap

Take your commitment to being trendy a step further by adding ankle straps.

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What do you think of D’Orsay flats? Will you be rocking them this spring?

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  • I was just eyeing these type of flats earlier today. Usually I stay away from such a pointed toe because I have big feet and they make me feel like I’m wearing banana boats. Maybe trying a dark, solid color will work. 🙂