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Dressing Appropriately for the Office Holiday Party

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In my short time in Corporate America I’ve noticed how much guidance people still need specifically when dressing for the annual end of year holiday party. Note to all –  An office holiday party is still an office holiday party.  To avoid overdoing it, stick to something generally work appropriate but add a little pizazz.


This year I went with an LBD that had just a little ruching on the side. Every fashion blog tells you to keep one in your closet because it’s super versatile and it REALLY is. By day, I donned a black cardigan and basic black pumps, but by night, I ditched the card and traded my basic shoes for an open-toed pair with a fun red bow. This way I got away with a look I couldn’t normally do in the office but I won’t make water cooler chatter for the next day. The takeaway here? Bend the rules, don’t break them.


I also took advantage of my VIB Rouge status at Sephora and popped in for a custom makeover for the party. I normally wouldn’t wear orange lids and a red lip to my conservative office but since this is the holiday party I stepped things up another notch. Between open toed shoes and a full face of makeup I’ve reached my rule breaking limit for the office so I’ll avoid anything extra. Take things up a notch or two but no further!


I know, I know. It’s tempting to say, “But this is a party!” Remember office outings are NOT the same as outings with friends. Yes you can have fun, but you don’t want your boss or coworkers looking at you as anything but a responsible employee. Save the fun and sexy looks for your friends. With that in mind, while I went with a basic LBD for the work party, here’s what I’ll be wearing when I party with my friends tonight:


Don’t mind the facial expression or the blurriness. I was too busy feeling myself and practicing my swag to focus the camera #GahdamnGahdamn

Got more specific holiday party look questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments section and I’ll address them in a later post!

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  • Love the black dress. And as far as company holiday parties…people always end up showing their arse, especially those you least expect. It’s quite amusing.

    • Thanks Friday Foster!!! Got it at Express and they have 50% off online and in-store today.

      Yes there’s ALWAYS someone making a fool of themselves. I just do my best to make sure it’s not me! Dress appropriately n sip slowly!