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EBates gives cashback for shopping? Sign me up!

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I’m not a huge online shopper but I recently heard about EBates which gives you cash back when you shop online. I was skeptical at first but since the signup takes less than two minutes I figured what’s the harm right? You literally type in your information as you would signing up for any online service and pick from any of the almost 2,000 retailers listed in their database. EBates redirects you to that vendor’s site and you just shop as you normally would.

Cash back rates vary from company to company so you may make 2% back from one store and 10% back from another. Occasionally they’ll offer double savings so a normal 4% back from Sephora becomes 8% back. Not bad, especially if you spend a ton!


EBates sends four payments a year – check or direct deposit, YOU choose – so they’ll keep track of everything you buy through the site and add up your savings to pay you each quarter.  I’ve only recently joined so my first check was only $28 but imagine what your February 15 check would look like had you done all your holiday shopping through EBates?


An added bonus – they offer you a $10 giftcard to the retailer of your choice just for signing up and making a purchase over $25! Think about – sign up for EBates, pick up a few items from Macy’s and get a $10 giftcard in addition to the 3% cashback. How awesome is that?

Convinced you need EBates in your life? Click here to sign up and get started shopping!

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