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Essence Beauty Box: Worth the Splurge or Waste of Money?

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I love subscription boxes, but sometimes they don’t have enough products that cater to black women. That’s why I was excited when I got my first Essence Beauty Box!


Essence Beauty Box - 9


Four  months in and I’m really impressed by the diversity of the contents. Each Essence Beauty Box comes with five products selected by Essence beauty staffers. The box is a mix of affordable drugstore products, well-known luxury brands, and black owned beauty businesses you may not have tried yet. It’s great to be exposed to splurges and steals all in the same place.


Essence Beauty Box products aren’t only diverse in price but in category. The inaugural box had an eyebrow pencil, fragrance, hand cream, leave-in conditioner and hair styler; our November picks included a lipstick, mascara, hair mist, body lotion and shampoo/conditioner duo. By January we were sampling foot masks and vegan nail polishes.  I feel like there’s something for all my beauty needs and I won’t ever be bombarded with too many of one type of product.


Essence Beauty Box - 5


I particularly like that every box contains two items that caters to the specific needs of black women. Sometimes my other subscription boxes give me products that don’t take into consideration how much moisture my curls require or what makeup shades will actually show up on my skin. In the Essence Beauty Box, I’m seeing more products that are likely to work for me.


Essence Beauty Box - 4

With such a high consideration for the needs of black women, I did expect the box to feature more than one or two black-owned businesses. So far, each shipment has included brands created for and by black people, but I’ll admit I anticipated seeing more of those products. Black women are diving into the beauty industry and I’d love to be exposed to a few black-owned brands I’m not yet familiar with like Ginger + Liz.


Essence Beauty Box - 2

One thing Essence Beauty Box does that I haven’t seen from other subscription boxes is include tips for using the products!  Nothing is worse than trying a new beauty product and giving up because you haven’t figured out how to use it properly. I might have never thought about using translucent powder to help my lipstick stay longer if Nykia Spradley hadn’t mentioned it in the November box!


All things considered, I’m keeping my subscription for a while. I like getting products I know have been tested and approved by people with similar beauty needs to mine. I’m excited to see what future boxes will include and hope that they include more black-owned brands!

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  • I think we’re commenting on each other’s blogs at the same time. LOL! I had to go on a subscription box purge recently. I had Birchbox, Glossy Box (which I may re-register for), and Play! by Sephora is the newest. Thank you for this review of the Essence box. xoxo, Maisha #BLMGirl

    • I haven’t tried Glossy Box. Maybe I’ll look into it at some point…

  • blacknaps

    I am subscribed to the Essence Beauty Box as well. I love it! It’s my little treat for the month. #blmgirl

  • I’ve been hinting to my family that I want an Essence Beauty Box subscription for my birthday… in November! LOL

    I’m glad to know that my plotting and manipulation will be for something I’ll actually love!

    Peace from Brooklyn!!

    Audrey #BLMGirl

    • Brooklyn in the house!!! I’d definitely say the Essence box is worth it. Fingers crossed that you get it!!

  • Lucinda

    #BLMGirl oh how I wish more of these boxes for black women would ship internationally!
    Great post.

  • I am on my third box of ESSENCE Beauty Box and I am loving the products too. I like when I get a new lipstick, it’s making me try things I wouldn’t on my own.

    • Me too! I’m glad to see they changed the color of the box for January. Keeps things fresh!