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Everything you need to know about Erdem x H&M

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Last night Vogue and GQ hosted an exclusive launch event for Erdem x H&M where industry insiders had the chance to shop the collection before it’s available to the general public. Here’s everything you need to know before deciding which pieces are worth your money on Thursday November 2:


The collection runs true to H&M size. Since many of the pieces are a bit more structured, I wouldn’t recommend trying to squeeze into the next size down if yours is not available. Overall, the quality of the clothing is great, compared to what the fast fashion retailer usually offers. T-shirt and sweater fabrics are soft and cozy and there’s nothing flimsy or rough about the more structured midi-length skirts and dresses.

There are plenty of options meant for either men or women but quite a few of the pieces skew towards androgynous. The white shirts, hoodies, scarves and socks can be worn by anybody who fits them.

Like most of H&M’s designer collaborations this one is expensive. Most pieces are between $99 and $249 with only the hoodies and accessories falling between $24.99 and $69.99. With price points like that you have to be strategic about which pieces to invest in so which are worthy, which are wasteful and which will sell out quickly? Keep reading to find out!


The sweaters are reasonably priced for a fall/winter necessity. Both the men’s and women’s version are on trend and will more than likely still be in style next fall. Great investment!

Statement coats and jackets are the best way to remain fashionable in the winter. Erdem x H&M’s statement coats are sure to make others admire your fashion sense!

Pajama tops are one of the top trends this season – stay in style with one from Erdem x H&M.

Statement tights are a small item that can create a memorable look and for that reason alone they’re worth the money!

Scarves are an easy way to add a little edge to any look.


The earrings are a super cute and reasonably priced accessory.  These bow shaped charms won’t interfere with your current wardrobe and are perfect for holiday parties!

This backpack is totally worth it if your lifestyle calls for lugging around lots of items – you might as well do it in style right?!



Who needs these $35 socks? Since they likely won’t be a memorable part of your outfit and probably won’t last several years you should skip it.


I assure you you’ll find a quality Men’s white button down for less than $129. If you can, opt for the women’s white shirt instead – at least it has frills.

The purses are simply unimpressive. Save your money.


Crowd Favorites

Of course, every capsule collection has a few items that move faster than others, so you’ve got to be quick if the following pieces are at the top of your want list:

The combination of comfort, androgyny and affordability are probably what makes these hoodies so desirable. Tip – if you can’t find one in the section for your gender tiptoe onto the other side, but move fast!

I completely understand why this cutout dress flew off the rack before I could locate it. Side cutouts make it versatile enough to wear now or over a black long sleeved top on colder days.

A leopard coat is both timeless and captivating so it’s no wonder everyone had their eyes on this piece.

The midi skirt is a statement on it’s own and easy to pair with items you already have in your closet.

This spaghetti strap dress was popular during the preview; probably because it’s versatile enough to wear to any semi-formal event including weddings, holiday parties or even prom!


Is there anything else you want to know about the collection before you decide to buy? Let me know in the comments section!

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