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Introducing Express Edition!

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Express has always been a one-stop shop where you can pick up decent wear -to-work pieces, party outfits and casual clothes in the same place. Now they’re taking everything a step up  with their first ever luxury capsule collection: Express Edition.




Express edition is an exclusive high-end line all about bringing modern touches to enduring classics. The 49-piece collection includes women’s tops, skirts, dresses and pants made from the finest luxury fabrics as well as shoes, jewelry, hats, and handbags.  What makes this line more luxurious than their regular clothes? A few things – like genuine leather!


Express Edition Look

Silk and leather

Express has been big on their (minus the) leather pieces which kept trendy yet sustainable fashion at an affordable price. This capsule collection however  is the real deal! They have silk blouses, merino wool sweaters and skirts made of leather and rooster-feathers. Ever since adopting a vegan diet, I’ve been thinking about taking on a vegan lifestyle so I’m conflicted about how I feel about this change…


Express Edition Mesh Polka Dot Express Edition Top

Put something under this before you wear it to work!

This collection is also slightly more daring. Express has always been about creating chic, runway fashion; but many of the pieces have more lace or sheer than their older designs.


Express Edition Beaded Military Jacket


I also can’t help but notice how trendy it is. Express has always had basics and pieces that were classic enough to stay in your closet for years but on-trend enough to incorporate of the moment fashion must-haves. Between the beaded military jackets, faux fur and sleeveless tuxedo jackets, I can’t help but notice some resemblance to the Balmain x H&M collection.


$34.90, so affordable

$34.90, so affordable

Of course all these exciting new changes come with a downside – the price points are higher. Their cheapest article of clothing is a $48 bandeau top and the most expensive is a $398 leather jacket but you get what you pay for right? Let’s hope so!


Express Edition Gold Clutch

As of right now Express Edition only includes women’s clothes and there’s no word on whether they’ll make piece for men as well. You can grab the luxury clothes online and at select stores. I’ll probably stop by a store and check out just how fancy the new collection is. Are you interested or is this too pricey for you? Let me know in the comments section!

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