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Fiesta’s Finds: Mixed Chicks Morning After Redefining Foam

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It’s getting cold and wetting your hair everyday won’t cut it, but keeping your curls popping two or three days after you’ve washed them isn’t feasible either. That is, unless you have the right products, like Mixed Chicks’ Morning After Redefining Foam!




I can’t take the time to replicate the perfect curl EVERY morning, so I welcome any method that lets me go a few days without starting over.  The Morning After Redefining Foam helps my curls stay fresh for up to three days after washing.




For a foam it’s surprisingly not drying! I’ve found my best results came when I put my second day hair in a high bun and let the steam from the shower start to revive the curl.




When I’m out of the shower I use a detangling spray then rake the Morning After Redefining Foam through my tresses. The detangler keeps my hair soft and moisturized but the foam helps my curls keep shape without adding water.




Full disclosure – I haven’t gotten my hair to look EXACTLY the same as it does the first day, the curls do get slightly looser, but they still look defined!



So I’m adding this to my healthy hair journey arsenal. Wetting your hair everyday in the winter can’t be good for your strands so I’m happy to have a product that helps getting ready in the morning that much easier!




Mixed Chicks Redefining Foam is available on their website and likely wherever Mixed Chicks products are sold. If you pick it up I have just one styling tip: don’t be stingy.  A little dab will do you but a lot will make you pop!


What do YOU do to extend your hair style for a few days? Let me know in the comments section.



*** The product is c/o Mixed Chicks but the opinions are c/o me!***

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