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Fiesta’s Finds: Sw3at Apparel

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I’ve always been into fitness but because of recent events – we’ll talk more about that later – it’s taken a backseat in my life these past six months. I’m finally ready to jump back into my old fitness routine so I’m excited about my new top from Sw3at Apparel!


Sw3at Apparel is a new athleisure line dedicated to making comfortable workout clothes you don’t mind wearing when you’re out and about. Of course you want to be fly during your workout, but shouldn’t you be able to wear your fitness gear outside the gym?  How many times have you gone for a run with friends that turned into a group brunch? Counterproductive I know, but it happens. No one wants to be the girl rocking a baggy old college t-shirt!

Sw3at launched  a month ago with five designs including those made for low-impact workouts, like mine, to dri-fit options for high intensity workouts like Crossfit. My six-month workout hiatus means I’ll have to start with low-impact workouts before getting back to 5 mile runs so this pink women’s tee is perfect for me!




I’m excited about getting back into shape and my Sw3at tank makes me even more eager to keep up with my workouts!




Tank ~ c/o Sw3at Apparel | Capris ~ Express (even better) | Sneakers ~ Reebok (try these)

Esta Fiesta is a Brooklyn based blogger with a love of music and finding new shoes. When she's not watching a movie or testing out new hair products she can be found doing Pilates - but only so she can eat from the waffle truck of course! Follow her Tweets at @ItsEstaFiesta

  • This stuff is TOO CUTE! Lord knows I need some new workout clothes!!

    • Isn’t it? I feel like you have to refresh your workout clothes often enough that they don’t start to smell and you get eager to work out again. When was the last time you bought new workout clothes?

      • Girl I am CONSTANTLY buying new workout clothes! haha. I need new clothes to stay motivated haha

        • Same! I try not to buy too much though but when I see something pretty I can’t resist! My latest obsession is cute sports bras!

          • Mine too! I’m losing weight right now so I try not to spend too much on these temporary big girl clothes! haha

  • Tamiah Brevard

    Lyza and I love love this post!! You Rock! Thank you so much for all your support. We hope you work up a good sw3at in your new tank! <3

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