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Fiesta’s Finds: Vegan Cuts beauty box

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When I declared 2016 my year of vegan beauty I forgot one important thing –  I have no idea where to find vegan beauty products.  Thank God I discovered the Vegan Cuts beauty box!




Like any other subscription box, Vegan Cuts allows you sample four to seven new products each month and most of these items come from relatively unknown brands. Without Vegan Cuts I might have never heard discovered most of these and certainly wouldn’t risk of purchasing any before I had a chance to try them.  Through Vegan Cuts I have found beauty goods I didn’t realize were available in vegan form like a sunscreen that doesn’t leave chalky residue on my face!


Sun tegrity Sunscreen




Despite the boisterous reputation vegan people have, many vegan or cruelty-free brands could stand to advertise their vegan status better. Some simply aren’t certified – the process is apparently an expensive hassle – and others just don’t bother to include the bunny symbol directly on their product. So far I have run into a few familiar brands and I’m glad to know I can continue to shop my beauty faves guilt-free!





One of my favorite features from Vegan Cuts is the coupon that accompanies each box! Every month there is at least one discount code, usually for 20% off from one of the featured brands, which obviously makes me more inclined to purchase the full-size product.




There is one big drawback to my Vegan Cuts subscription; and it is one I anticipated  when I took on this project. No matter how many great products I come across, I can’t seem to find quality makeup.  There are plenty of great skin and body care products available, but when it comes to cosmetics for dark skin that’s another story.

I would appreciate the inclusion of cosmetics if they were actually flattering for people like me.  Thus far, I’ve sampled pasty lip colors, bronzers that are too light, and “neutral” eye shadows that wash out my face.  I don’t know why Vegan Cuts has not included vegan makeup that caters to dark skin but I do know that I’m not going to sacrifice looking washed out just to maintain an all-vegan beauty closet.




If you are new to the vegan lifestyle and unsure where to start Vegan Cuts is definitely worth the splurge! It’s a great resource for discovering skin and body care, but unless you’re of a certain hue don’t bank on the cosmetics.


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