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Floral printed pants and black shell top

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I’m a firm believer in wearing your clothes multiple different ways, which is why I found a way to wear my favorite printed pants even in the summer. Attending the Podcast Movement in Chicago was the perfect opportunity to repurpose these black floral pants in a more professional setting.


Black tank floral pants 2


The last time I wore these pants it was a “dressed up casual look”. This time, I opted for a “casually dressed up” ensemble. What’s the difference? “Dressed up casual is when your look is casual, but a touch more polished than you’d wear to run errands. That look is appropriate for fancy brunches and other relaxed outings when you’d still like to look your best.


Black Tank Floral Pants


Black tank floral pants 7


“Casually dressed up” is when you are supposed to be dressed up, but don’t want to look too stuffy. Both looks easily carry you easily between a more formal setting and a more relaxed one, but this particular outfit is great as a summer look in a casual office setting, especially when  you have after work plans!


Black tank floral pants 3


Since the Podcast Movement was a professional environment with a casual feel, I felt like this was the perfect look. It let’s anyone know I’m about my business but I still have a fun side too!


Black tank floral pants 7




Top ~ Express | Pants ~ Express | Shoes ~ Coach | Bag ~ Longchamp

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