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Gabrielle Union is blonde!!! Do we love it?

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Not to be upstaged by Rihanna’s recent fade to grey, Gabrielle Union uploaded a photo of herself with a new color too!

The star of upcoming film Think Like a Man 2 has transitioned from born brunette to blonde – but not your average prominent blonde color. Union’s shade blends her natural hue with the blonde  for a natural looking dye job.  What’s not so natural about the new  look? It seems while she borrowed Rihanna’s “blend it in” technique she also took Beyonce’s “leave my roots out so they think it’s real” approach. We can still see an inch or two of her true hue poking out. Check out the photo below:

Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Union's Instagram

Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Union’s Instagram

Union uploaded the photo to her Instagram account yesterday with the caption “New Day, New Job… New Do”. New Day? √ New Do √ New Job?  Wait just a minute! Could this mean the change is for an upcoming project? We already know she’s working on a sequel to Think Like a Man and that her made-for-TV movie Being Mary Jane will be turned into a TV show, but could this be a separate project? I’m eager to find out!

What do you think of Gabrielle’s new look? Should she keep it after this alleged project or does it have to go?

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