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Grammys 2015: Best and Worst Dressed

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Last night the 57th annual Grammys was broadcast live from LA and it seems like most people got their red carpet looks right! Black on black, cutouts and sheer seemed to be the themes of the night but which stars stood out and which could use a little help? Keep reading to see the best dressed, worst dressed, and a few looks still worth mentioning.


Honorable Mentions

Grammys 2015 Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea deserves recognition for taking a chance in blue Giorgio Armani and working both the plunging neckline and cutouts without going overboard but that sheer piece at the bottom is a no-no. Iggy was right to choose an updo but this braided crown is not as fancy as she thought it would be.  Too bad because the way her gown hugs her body is amazing.

Grammys 2015 Ariana Grande

Until Ariana Grande finds a new hairstyle she’ll never really be able to prosper on the red carpet. Fortunately this time a high pony actually complements her white gown  but we need to see her do something else. The silver part of her gown would be a nice contrast but it looks more like a Project Runway contestant didn’t finish their assignment in time.

Grammys 2015 Nicki MinajUnderstated makeup, long locks and possibly the sexiest neckline on the red carpet – Nicki Minaj had me until I looked below the knee on this Tom Ford dress. The shredded bottom is definitely a risk but its the difference between her being an honorable mention and one of the best dressed.

Grammys 2015 Meghan TrainorMeghan Trainor seems less shy to show off her bass this time around and she looks good! Lace details on her otherwise sheer gown do well to stop her from being overexposed, but black was too safe an option. This look would’ve been so much better in red!


Worst Dressed

Grammys 2015 Frankie GrandeWhat year is it? You know how every award show someone tweets out a picture of your favorite celebrity from 2000 and you’re mortified they ever thought matching denim outfits were a cool idea? That’s what this moment is for Frankie Grande. One day he’ll look back with regret and we’ll be there saying, “I told you so!”

Grammys 2015 Kim KardashianWho told Kim Kardashian this Jean Paul Gaultier number was a good look? Probably Kanye. The color is great, and even the plunging neckline and front slip combo would work if this didn’t look like a royal bathrobe. Her new haircut is amazing though!

Grammys 2015 Chris BrownPray for Chris Brown. Things don’t seem to be going well for him.

Grammys 2015 Lady GagaLady Gaga tried to rock all the plunges and slits at once and it could’ve almost maybe kind of worked but it didn’t. This Brandon Maxwell gown is way too tight and the fact that its silver makes her busting out of it even less appealing. Gaga should take this up a size and adjust the slits so that she looks sexy, not thirsty for attention as a sex symbol.

Grammys 2015 Charli XCX

You don’t always HAVE to make a statement on the red carpet but it seems like Charlie XCX hasn’t gotten that memo. The singer could have been simple and sexy in this Moschino white menswear inspired suit but she added fuzzy fur and it ruined her look. A little more attention to her hair wouldn’t hurt either.

Best Dressed

Grammys 2015 Paris Hilton

Why Paris Hilton was invited to the Grammys is unclear but the socialite pulled off looking hot without being slutty well! These days she’s keeping all her lady parts well covered in show stopping silver with strategically placed cut outs.



Grammys 2015 Rihanna

Rihanna may look like she’s ready for her quinceneara but aren’t stars supposed to be a little extra at the Grammys? Rih found her pink double tier Giambattista gown online and decided she had to have it! With a gown like this simple makeup and an understated bun were the right choice!


Grammys 2015 Taylor SwiftKudos to Taylor Swift for bringing color to the red carpet! Her Elie Saab gown is a bit formal prom but she successfully pulled off the high-low trend which isn’t easy, and gave us a gander at her gorgeous legs! Perhaps one of Taylor’s more experimental looks, she opted for purple shoes instead of a safe silver or black and you have to respect the risk.


Grammys 2015 ZendayaZendaya may have come with the biggest risk and it definitely paid off! The actress traded her signature long locks for a chic flapper-esque bob paired with a muted, mostly earth-toned off shoulder Vivienne Westwood gown. Combined with a dark lip, Zendaya’s outfit choice may look a bit mature for an 18 year old but she looks DAMN GOOD!

Grammys 2015 Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s Versace jumpsuit is the perfect blend of trendy, classic and daring. Only one question – where’s her signature red lip?



Who do you think was best dressed at the Grammys? Check out more Grammy Red Carpet photos on the Living Fiesta Facebook page and sound off in the comments section below!!

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  • Nique

    LOVE Gwen and Meagan. Kim is just playing with us at this point. I think one of my grandma’s friends used to have Rihanna’s dress as a toilet paper cover. Nicki was serving Trini mom who wants to show you she still has it at her daughter’s Sweet 16 in a Queens event hall.

    • LOL you are SPOT ON with that Nicki analysis!!! At this point I’m wondering should we even acknowledge Kim anymore?

  • Jess

    I absolutely LOVE Kim’s outfit I think she wore it extremely well and she sold it with her red carpet walk one of my favorite looks… BUT Rihannna’s vestido de quinceañera was horrible it was not fashionable at all she looked like one of the dolls my great grandma used to cover the toilet paper with their long, puffy dress. Taylor and Nicki slayed.

    • Kim sold you on a fancy bathrobe? I love Rih’s quince dress – its so the opposite of what we expect from her since she’s always doing sexy!

      • Jess

        Nah son, toilet paper covers are not sexy in my book…

        • Re-read. Its the opposite of her sexy look. LOL

          • Jess

            Still probably the worst I have ever seen her. You can do less sexy and not look like crap… she is by far worst dressed.

  • Kasi Perkins

    Lol, I loved reading your reviews of everyone (I’m a little late)! My former boo Breezy does need some prayer, and if you compare him to when he was doing really well…he could use a little cardio too. I thought Kim had on a glorified bath robe, but her hair and makeup though!!! Loved. Of course I pretty much agree with everyone else except Rihanna, lol.

    • I mean is it fair to really judge Chris at this stage in his life? Maybe getting in shape will improve his wardrobe as well. Kim’s hair and makeup is ALWAYS flawless!!