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2016 Grammys Red Carpet: Best (and Worst) Dressed

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Even though some of our faves didn’t make it to the 58th Annual Grammys this year’s red carpet  still had a number of decent looks, but that’s it – just decent. There weren’t too many standout ensembles, and among the top trends were gothic-inspired accents and high slits. On a generally lackluster red carpet which stars nailed their looks and which should have taken more time to get it together? Check out the best and worst dressed stars from the 2016 Grammys below:




Grammys 2016 Demi Lovato

I’m not sure what’s going on with Demi Lovato’s style lately and I’m not sure how to feel about it either. She’s on trend with the sexy side slit but the ‘Confident’ singer doesn’t seem so as she’s always covering up in these blazers! Demi could have easily made the best dressed list had her top not been so business and she’d added a statement lip or bold eyeshadow. Also, there’s enough black – what’s with the gothic nails?


Grammys 2016 Janelle Monae

How Janelle Monae has managed to keep up with black-and-white uniform for several years without being boring is beyond me. I love that she played with different textures and prints to create what might have been one of the most creative looks of the night.


Grammys 2016 Zendaya

You have to love Zendaya for her fashion risks, but this d Squared2 suit and mullet was not the business. I get that she may have been trying to pay homage to David Bowie, but there are better, more creative and attractive ways to do so.


Grammys 2016 Lady Gaga

THIS is how you tribute David Bowie! Gaga kept it both cute and avant-garde before paying tribute to the late Ziggy Stardust singer. Surprisingly the red hair and shoes manage to work with,  not against, her celestial bright blue coatdress. LOVE!


Grammys 2016 Meghan Trainor

I keep rooting for Meghan Trainor but maybe she just doesn’t believe in herself the way I do and that’s why no one else sees it for her. Everything about this look ages her by at least 23 years. Meghan’s Michael Costello couture gown is what middle aged women who don’t get out – or workout – much wear to that one special occasion of the year they have to attend. She should have shown some more skin, and opted for a less chunky shoe. That new brunette hair? The color is cute – but the styling is sloppy. If your hair can’t hold a curl perhaps a pin straight bob would be a better option?


Grammys 2016 Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff is adorable and hot at the same damn time! I’m usually not one for the disheveled hair look but I think it gives his look  a bit more character.


Grammys 2016 Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding looks like she has two more fittings to go before this Stella McCartney dress is just right. It’s awkwardly baggy in the midsection and her hair is too casual for the biggest awards show of the year. She doesn’t look like she’ll be performing later, she looks like she’s trying the dress on in a fitting room so she can text her friends and ask their opinion.


Grammys 2016 Florence Welch

Florence Welch  is quite possibly the only redhead who can pull off this pink this well! This Gucci gown fits her usual Bohemian aesthetic and I love how the look is both adorned in celestial patterns – possible Bowie homage? – yet understated at the same time.


Grammys 2016 Ariana Grande

I’m over Ariana Grande.  Even Taylor Swift has transitioned from sweet innocent teen to grown woman and swtiches up between curls and straight bobs, but years later Ariana is still giving us Nickelodean star chic! She looks like the best dressed girl at the 8th grade prom. Sure Ariana’s look is together but it’s blah and boring. Ariana has done enough red carpet appearances to have her “safe” look down and be ready to begin experimenting. Give us a different cut dress, a high bun, dramatic eye makeup – SOMETHING that isn’t the everyday look we’ve grown accustomed to.


grammys 2016 Serayah



How do we get to see more of Serayah on the red carpet? In the few she’s shown up at so far she has yet to disappoint! Her Vera Wang dove grey dress is on trend with the high slit and has just enough extra peek-a-boo points to be sexy without doing too much. I love that she kept the “less is more” vibe with a dark gothic lip and simple middle part on her straight bob!


What were your favorite looks from last night’s Grammys? Let me know in the comments section!



Esta Fiesta is a Brooklyn based blogger with a love of music and finding new shoes. When she's not watching a movie or testing out new hair products she can be found doing Pilates - but only so she can eat from the waffle truck of course! Follow her Tweets at @ItsEstaFiesta

  • Love this! And I feel like Ari just doesn’t care when she goes to these things. Or she’d do more. LOL But LMFAO @ “She looks like she has 2 more fittings”. The dress is a bit too big!

    ~ Sanaa

    • I mean, it’s like the tailor didn’t get her measurements. So off!

  • I agree with all your critiques, especially Ariana. She is gorgeous, but her style could be so much better.

    • Right? It’s just lazy. What Tyra would call “relying on mommy and daddy” because your face is cute so why bother working towards being better?

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