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How to wear a bodycon dress casually

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People may be over the bodycon dress but I’m still not ready to let go of this style! I picked up this green bodycon dress from TopShop when I went to the 5th Avenue grand opening with my friend Shanique of Rant Rave Random and of course, I got immediately anxious to style it in different ways.


Late Fall might not have been the best time to invest in a bodycon piece; by Thanksgiving I had to get creative when it comes to this dress. With all the sweet treats being offered during this time of year, body hugging clothes aren’t exactly my best friend.




Of course I’ll be hitting the track to combat all this overeating, but in the meantime I’m relying on one of my favorite styling methods  – turning my dress into a shirt.




This trick works best with bodycon pieces, as the dress tucks perfectly into a skirt or even pants, without adding bulk.  Full skirts are a bonus, since they hide your stomach naturally, so you can even wear this outfit on a day when you’ll binge!






In case you’re worried a full skirt isn’t enough of a distraction from whatever is going on in your midsection add fun accessories. I like statement shoes, so I rock my floral pumps with this otherwise simple look to keep attention away from my waistline.



Dress ~ TopShop  | Skirt ~ H&M | Floral Pumps ~ Ivanka Trump (but these are just as cute!)

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That’s my secret, how do you dress when you need to hide a little belly bulge?


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