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Healthy Hair Journey: My 2015 Beautylution

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I spent way too much time this past year getting things done that at times I forgot to take care of myself – including my hair. So in 2015 I resolve to give my strands some love and affection!


How did my hair get so damaged? I’d guess it was a combination of heat abuse and general laziness. Being so busy left my relying on quick fixes rather than  taking time to care about my tresses.  I’ve suffered heat damage, breakage and dryness and that’s NEVER a good look! This year I don’t want to fall back into that trap so I’m making an effort to do everything I can to preserve my hair’s health.

What’s my plan of action?


Food for Healthy Hair


Eating right. This obviously will improve my overall health but I’m committing to eating foods that promote healthy hair like salmon, spinach and walnuts. I’m also going to avoid anything that may be bad for my hair like foods high in sugar.

Miss Jessie's Transitioner's Magic

Let it be heat free! It’s no secret I love straightening my hair, but I’m positive overheating contributed to some of my biggest problems. I’ll still use my dryer from time to time but I’ll be more conscious about taking preventative measures to keep it healthy.

Garnier Fructis Sleek n Shine Leave In
Stick to what works! I’ve tested enough products in my lifetime to know the shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins and stylers that have my hair looking and feeling its best so I’ll try to stick to those trusted few. I’ll may try a few new products but it’s important to stick to a routine that has proven it works.

ORS Hair Mayonnaise

Tryout treatments. I will however remain open to products and methods that can bring my hair back to life.This includes deep conditioners, hair masks and oils that promote strength and prevent damage.

Though I wouldn’t mind booty length curls I’m not necessarily hoping for my hair to grow, I just want to nurse it back to health!!  If you know of any methods or products that promote healthy hair please sound off in the comments section below!


So that’s what I’m focused on this year. What are YOU doing in 2015 to improve your beauty routine?


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