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Honey Help Me! Demi Lovato tries to do ‘edgy’

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A lot of celebs are fortunate enough to have stylists that make sure they’re always well dressed. Unfortunately, celebs also have too many yes-men – people who are afraid to tell them they’re making a bad decision.

Between stylist and yes-men sometimes Hollywood’s finest step out in looks that stun us. Other times they step out in looks that just scream, “Honey, Help Me!”

Somebody get Demi Lovato a mentor.

Demi Lovato goes edgy at a press conference in Mexico City

Demi Lovato goes edgy at a press conference in Mexico City

I understand, The X Factor judge has been through a lot in her short life but there’s no reason to look like what you’ve been through – not like this at least! Maybe as a Disney kid she missed the opportunity to experiment by coloring her hair weird colors and throwing together “edgy” looks but doesn’t she know the rest of us wish we never went through that phase? Get it together.

Everything about this look screams “I don’t want to be here,” from the sloppiness of each piece, to the snug jacket which looks like it was borrowed and the “Are we done yet?” forced smirk on her face.

Demi was onto something by wearing all black to give her green hair more life but she went about it all wrong. First of all shredded skinnies or graphic tee – pick ONE! If she chose the graphic tee then she should know she doesn’t need ALL THOSE long chains. As for the combat boots – couldn’t she feminize this look a bit with a sexier shoe like a red pump, or if she insists on being “comfy” a cute flat?

Demi has seemed happier lately, so I’m not sure where this random lack of concern for her looks came from, but I hope it’s just a red carpet mistake and not the beginning of a lifestyle change for the young singer.

What do you think of this look? What would you change about it?

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