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Honey Help Me! Spring 2013 Trend: Black and White

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A lot of celebs are fortunate enough to have stylists that make sure they’re always well dressed. Unfortunately, celebs also have too many yes-men – people who are afraid to tell them they’re making a bad decision.

Between stylist and yes-men sometimes Hollywood’s finest step out in looks that stun us. Other times they step out in looks that just scream, “Honey, Help Me!”

As one of springs safer trends, black and white has universal appeal across all body shapes, hair colors and senses of style. Somehow, despite is fundamentalist nature people still manage to get this look wrong. Nina Dobrev, Zooey Deschanel and Vanessa Hudgens show give us a quick lessen in how easy it is to make this simple do a don’t.

Nina Dobrev at Stuart House Benefit in LA

Nina Dobrev was probably scared of black and white’s “safe” qualities, and looking to add a bit of punch to spruce the look up, so she went with A LOT of silver. A silver top, silver shoes, silver lined through the skirt pattern and a silver clutch? This is way too matchy matchy especially with such a shiny color. Note to Nina: Accent colors are GREAT with this trend, but pick a bold hue and wear only ONE piece!

Zooey Deschanel at PaleyFest event in LA

Besides the safety of this trend, the other great thing about it is how easily it transitions from winter to spring. Zooey Deschanel is clearly struggling with this transition. The dress is cute alone and the cleavage slit plus bare arms scream “Spring!” so why would she pair it with tights and suede platform pumps that aren’t even the same shade of black?   Devote your outfit to either winter or spring  to make it work . Zooey should’ve went spring with feminine peep-toe shoes and called it a day.

Vanessa Hudgens at Spring Breakers Premiere in Hollywood

Where do we start? Black and white, embellished shell top, ostrich feathered skirt and a high slit – what trends didn’t Vanessa Hudgens rock at the Hollywood Spring Breakers premiere? It’s trend overload and each trend she added just looks tackier and tackier. Black-and-white is a classic trend that works best when you follow the K.I.S.S. rule – Keep It Simple, Stupid. It makes enough of a statement in clean lines on its own – there’s no need to add on “notice me” details.

So how do you do this trend right? Follow Shay Mitchell‘s lead:

Shay Mitchell at Spring Breakers Premiere in Hollywood

First, keep it simple. Shay Mitchell’s white top has a barely noticeable tiny print and the black leather skirts skirts lines work with the top, not against it. Don’t forget to incorporate your accessories. A simple black clutch and strappy, not clunky heels keep the look spring appropriate without looking too youthful.

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