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House of DvF Recap: Cat Got Your Tongue!

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Last week we met the seven young ladies vying to represent DvF and though we got a brief glimpse into their personalities and experience, it was  too hard to tell much about their work ethic. This week gave the girls more opportunities to bond and show what made them good and bad – but mostly what makes Cat bad.


I could have told you from her audition tape that Cat would be trouble. She’s got all the arrogance of Kanye Westand apparently less people telling her to chill  than Chris Brown. Despite all that Diane decided to give her a chance…



One of these things is not like the other ones?


Naturally one would suss out the competition, but after a bonding night and their first challenge, Cat was too quick to cast judgment on the the other girls. She confessed that  Alli from the Valley didn’t “look like” a Preachers’ Daughter and confided in Chantal about free-spirited “DvF misfit” Cree. Cat was quick to point that Cree “sticks out like a sore thumb” in the group and questioned how she was even chosen. Sticks out? We’ll let you explain that in further detail later Middle-American blonde chick…

House of DvF Diane von Furtenberg

How Sway?


Diane had to head to Paris on business and decided to bring two girls with her. Cree was left behind to lend her drawing talents to the group assignment but 20 year old Leigh and “seasoned fashion vet” Cat came along.

Not only did Cat assert herself by bossing Leigh around during the challenge, she steamrolled over the poor girl during their sit-down with DvF! Leigh’s pictures weren’t great – perhaps she should have taken the direction from Cat? – but she didn’t stand a chance at during their interaction with Diane.


House of DvF Season 2 Episode 2 Cat Wennekamp

When you open up your mouth to tell her about herself Cat be like…


Maybe Leigh isn’t as much of a pushover as I thought? She didn’t protest during the meeting with DvF but later took an opportunity to address Cat’s rude behavior one on one – that didn’t go over as planned. Cat was defensive towards Leigh, asserting  that she was a BOSS before entering this competition where she’s been lowered to the same level as a 20 year-old intern. Cat even went on to let Leigh she has an annoying Valley girl accent and should stop talking over people. Interesting…


Of course no boss bitch goes unchecked, this is reality TV after all, and Jessica Joffe had to put Cat in her place! Cat continued to talk over Leigh during the press preview and once Jessica took note she pulled Cat to the side to tell her about herself. As you can guess, Cat’s defensive nature doesn’t stop at 20 year-old interns. She was super combative towards Jessica and ended the show on that note.

All the ladies were spared this episode which means there likely won’t be room to mess up next round. Cree better use that psychic energy to predict what Diane is looking for, Leigh better learn to assert herself and Cat should fall back just a lotta bit.

My vote? Cat’s gotta go. I don’t care how great you are at fulfilling tasks  your personality is KEY. Cat isn’t easy to  get along with on either a professional or personal level  and likability is crucial to being a Brand Ambassador. She’s ungrateful for the opportunity and doesn’t respond well to negative criticism. That type of personality will “stick out like a sore thumb” among people representing the DvF brand.


Next episode is Sunday September 27 at 10pmEST on E! – will you be watching?

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