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House of DvF Episode 3 Recap: Maytee’s Mistake

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Three episodes in I’m convinced this crew was only picked to make good TV.

When we last saw Cat she was in a car with Diane von Furstenberg pleading her case about why she should stay. Update: it worked. Cat told Diane about her privileged upbringing and I guess that was enough to convince Diane she deserved another shot? In fairness, Cat has all the skills to back up her Kanfidence but if you can’t work well with others what type of ambassador can you be?


House of DvF Bitch


Since Leigh spent time in Paris reporting on Cat’s behavior to her House of DvF besties Chantal and Hanna Beth, it was no surprise Leigh got all the love when they returned to New York.  Now it was time for Diane to judge the design competition.

Remember how Cree was left behind to work on the challenge because of her amazing drawing skills? Non-existent. Her design looked like it may have started as a great idea then went about four steps too far. Cree gets by every week by getting lost in the middle. She doesn’t do anything exceptional but there’s always someone way worse that keeps  Cree safe. This time it was Maytee and Alli who sacrificed themselves to keep Cree in the race.

Their challenge was to create a design that could be featured in the next Diane von Furstenberg collection. Diane loves simplicity; it’s the reason she created the wrap dress – to give all women, regardless of their shape or lifestyle, an effortless way to look chic. So why would Maytee think DvF would ever carry a reversible convertible dress?


House of DvF Diane von Furtenberg


Yes, the style is something DvF has never done before but it’s completely off-brand. When Diane tried to explain that the dress wasn’t practical, Maytee of course had to defend her designs. BIG MISTAKE! That humble pie I’m not-so-patiently waiting for Cat to start eating? I hope she saves Maytee a slice. This competition is not about being stubborn in your ideas it’s about proving you’re an asset to the company and learning in the process. That’s why I have more faith in a contestant who soaks in as much knowledge as possible – like Alli from the Valley.

Remember when I said Alli is the archetype of her hometown? Let’s revisit that for a second. Alli reminds me of a Season 1 version of a reality star – we see them in their raw tackiness and after the episodes air, they see themselves too; and upgrade for the next season. At this stage in the competition it’s clear she’s needs more room to grow.  Alli dreamed up a varsity jacket inspired dress with “DvF” spelled out in letterman patches. Who thinks of high school, sporting events and clutter when they think of DvF? Jessica Joffe described Alli best – you know that Chanel quote where you take off one piece of jewelry before leaving the house? Alli should take off five.

After killing their self-esteem, Diane invites the bottom two –  Alli and Maytee if you haven’t figured it out –  to a CFDA event. Their car ride over was a bonding opportunity – Diane asked about their style and what they could bring to the brand. Alli suggested she’d bring edge and Diane let her know that wasn’t really her thing. Maytee said she’sd bring her Latin community and asserted her gratitude for the opportunity. Girl, what? What does that have to do with how you’ll benefit the brand?

Once they got to the party Diane’s instructions were simple: observe and mingle. Somehow Maytee gets a genius idea to start taking pictures of celebs for Alli told her it wasn’t a good idea but Maytee continued to snap away on her iPhone, even when it meant interrupting Betsey Johnson during an interview.

Eventually Alli realizes Diane isn’t at the party anymore and it’s probably a bad sign that she left them there. She urges Maytee to leave and Maytee is still too oblivious to realize something wrong.

House of DvF Alli and Maytee

As we all expected, Diane called Alli and Maytee into her office to talk about what happened at the CFDA event. Once again, when Diane tries to explain why Maytee was out of line Maytee can’t stop insisting she was right!  Maytee may be the happiest Latina to be here but she literally doesn’t understand anything about the job she’s auditioning for; which is why Diane sent her away with a bag of death and – bonus! – a new dress.


There are SOOO many lessons to be learned from Maytee this episode: While gratitude is necessary it’s not everything. You can’t keep a job simply because you’re happy to have it; you have to bring value to the organization as well. When asked about the value she’d bring Maytee’s answer was her Latinidad. If Diane should hire you because you’re Latin and happy to be here, why doesn’t she just hire any unemployed Latina off the street – I’m sure they’d be happy to be there too. Cree can draw – allegedly, Cat has chutzpah but what is Maytee’s stand out attribute? Nothing. Her passion for the industry is great but she has to build more skills before she can build her career.

If the clips for next week are any indication, this might officially be known as Cat’s season – regardless of who the winner is. Apparently next week the girls confront her about her attitude and she doesn’t take it very well!



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  • Shanique Short Fuse

    This was the last episode I saw. I need to know what was wrong with that Mayte girl? She deadass interrupted Betsey freakin Johnson talking about I’m glad she’s gone. Now she can take her former fat stories back to Miami or where ever

    • She HAD to go. Clearly had no idea of what is and isn’t appropriate behavior. Best of luck to her modeling career!