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House of DvF Episode 6 Recap: Sometimes Trying Isn’t Enough

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House of DVF is down to the Final Four and the competition is getting REAL. All season they’ve skated by knowing most of the others didn’t stand a chance but now that there’s only a handful of them left, there’s no room for mistakes or attitude – and they learned that lesson QUICK.

This week, the girls were sent to Boston to put together a a sample sale. An easy enough task since the directions are spelled out for you, but this challenge turned out to reveal each lady’s strengths and weaknesses.

Step 1: Promote the sale. Easy enough right? Wrong. The girls were split into two teams: Hanna Beth with Cat and Leigh with Alli. There’s no doubt in my mind  the teams were split this way on purpose, either in hopes that the girls would be forced to bond with someone other than their program bestie or that they’d create drama. It turned out to be more of the former.

House of DvF Fiat Cat and Hanna Beth

Cat and Hanna Beth are undoubtedly the strongest in this competition. Hanna Beth has yet to mess up and Cat is an experienced go-getter whose only mistakes come in the form of her attitude. They’ve never really liked each other, but alone time in the car allowed them to talk out their differences and realize they had more in common than they gave themselves the chance to discover.




Meanwhile team AlLeigh didn’t quite hit it off. Leigh doesn’t really know what to do without the guidance of her savior Hanna Beth, and Alli is afraid to take leadership ever. Once again Alli is  paired with a girl who has no meaningful strategy but to approach people who are clearly busy. Instead of finding a crowded public space where people would be receptive to their fliers, Leigh interrupted random people, like a male tour guide, hoping they’d be interested in the sale.

House of DvF Sample Sale 1

Step 2: Set up the sale. This should have been easy but the group really lacks teamwork ethic. Cat was late, and if they were a better team they may have made sure she was up and out on time with the rest of the group. They had four hours to set the sale up instead of divvying up responsibilities they randomly attacked small tasks and talked behind each other’s backs. Despite a lack of organizational skills they managed to get everything together in time for the large crowd.


Step 3: SELL! The selling portion was Alli’s time to shine! She clearly has expertise in retail and knows how to work a room to move clothes! She was extremely confident and friendly which helped her sell product.

Hanna Beth on the other hand has clearly never worked in retail and didn’t know what to do. She spent her time avoiding customers by cleaning and organizing until Stefani Greenfield pulled her to the side and explained that at the end of the day, no one is being measured by how tidy they kept the sample sale. She eventually stepped up to the plate and managed to make her sales as well.

Here’s where Leigh REALLY fell apart. She made some sales but she showed us that she can’t work well under pressure. Sample sales are hectic by nature, you have huge crowds vying for the limited stock and everyone is all over the place. This is NOT the time to crack and whine because you can’t

Cat will be Cat, so while her aggressive nature helped her make sales, it also lead her to steal sales from the other girls. Leigh and Allie were NOT having it, so they told Stefani who had to report it to Diane.

Diane wasn’t happy about it but she had to have another talk with Cat and really broke it down. She said she loved Cat’s hustle, but nobody loves Cat’s personality, and unfortunately the job is requires both traits. Cat may have been able to get by on her skills earlier in the competition but now that they’re down to the final four its less important to shine and more important to not mess up. In the beginning stages of the competition you can get by as long as there’s someone there who does worse than you but at this stage Diane is LOOKING for a reason to fire you. Cat’s too talented to let her reason be that she wasn’t willing to work with others.

House of DvF Sample Sale

Leigh and the others were happy to gossip about Cat’s possible exit from the program and Jessica Joffe seemed just as happy. Everyone, including Cat, was shocked to see Cat return, and Jessica Joffe wasn’t shy about showing her feelings towards Cat.

A second private chat with Diane must have been the kick in the ass Cat needed, because she became ultra-aware of how her attitude is holding her back. At the Time 100 gala, she was conscious of Jessica’s disgust towards her and though it was heavy on her mind she didn’t let it stop her from excelling. She was sociable and worked the crowd with ease, being her naturally mixy self but toned down.

House of DvF Leigh Chatting

Leigh on the other hand was a nervous mess. She talked and talked and rambled and didn’t make much sense. She shared one too many times how being the youngest one in the competition made her the underdog and bored any and everyone too polite to cut her off. It was a mess.

After the Time 100 party the girls had a sitdown with the DVF staff where they were critiqued and asked to critique themselves. As usual, Leigh rambled on and on, and the only thing we took away from her soliloquy was that she’s too young and insecure to take on the position. She walked into the competition lacking the skills of Cat, the modesty of Hanna Beth and the receptiveness of Alli; several weeks later she hasn’t yet grown. Not only does she lack any of the traits that would help her succeed in this role, she’s too defensive and insecure to actually work on improving herself. If you’re not where you need to be and show no signs of getting there it’s time to get out!



And then there were three. Next week one more girl has to go home and at this point it’s hard to tell who, but I know she’ll be blonde. Alli started off rough, but has taken every grain of criticism to mold herself into a DVF girl. Cat started off too strong and she might have taken too long to soften up. Hanna Beth is in the middle – she has had ONE moment of weakness and managed to turn it around in minutes. She’s clearly the winner, it’s just getting harder to figure out who the runner up will be.


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