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House of DVF Finale Recap: And the Winner is…

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All three of the final House of DVF contestants were so different and strong in their own ways, which made it hard to tell who would win.

House of DVF Three Girls

Hanna Beth  is super edgy – which is clearly what DVF wants to add to the brand. This show is obviously about trying to connect the DVF brand to the millennial generation and with an edgy appearance and strong social media presence, Hanna Beth does that the best. She’s not however personable; which is important when your title is “ambassador”. She might look cool but if you saw her out and about you wouldn’t feel comfortable approaching her.

Alli from the Valley is a sweet girl who is VERY personable and easy to get along with. She hasn’t been involved in any of the interpersonal drama this season, and in each challenge that has required people skills she’s NAILED it. Her biggest problem is that she’s tacky; which you probably shouldn’t be if you’re going to be in the fashion world. She’s STILL wearing white eyeshadow and hasn’t yet replaced her stripper shoes. Her style has to grow more before she’s ready for this type of position.

Cat however has clearly been the most stylish contestant since day one. She knows how to dress herself well and makes the DVF pieces look GOOD – even to millennials. Cat always gets the job done but her big flaw is she’s such a bitch! Nobody wants to work with a person who gets the job done but is rude and aggressive all the time.

House of DVF dinner party

Everything came down to a final challenge that would determine who stays and who goes – planning a dinner party. The girls decided to split their responsibilities – Hanna Beth would handle securing a live painter, Alli would handle the decor and Cat would lock down a singer for live entertainment.


Due to her industry connects, Hanna Beth was able to get a painter quickly – no drama there. Cat struggled trying to get Tori Kelly to commit to the point that the other girls thought she was full of shit. Alli tried to save the day by asking her friend Justine Skye to perform but Cat wasn’t going to let Alli steal her last and only moment to prove she could do something right. Lucky for Cat, Tori Kelly agreed to perform and Alli was left to be judged solely on the decor. Take a guess how that went?

House of DVF Alli crying


As we’ve discussed earlier, Alli is pretty tacky. She means well but her sense of style hasn’t developed past a 13 year old just diving into “grown up” things. While she got the colors right for the dinner party the everything else went WRONG – and Diane had no problem letting her know. She had cocktail rings that said “family”, unnecessary stemware, and for some odd reason thought it was a good idea to seat all the men next to each other instead of mixing men and women throughout the table. On top of that she was still wearing stripper shoes. The harsh critique brought Alli to tears but I hope it was at least a lesson in what NOT to do – and wear – when planning a formal dinner.


During the presentation the young ladies wore the pieces they designed earlier in the competition and explained their designs and ideas for the fashion house to the DVF team – which included last year’s winner Brittany Hampton. They discussed bridging the gap between DvF and the millennial generation and Hanna Beth unveiled the steps she’s already taken to put DVF on social media. Not only did they convince fashion bloggers to wear DVF pieces and post to their own accounts, but the girls took it upon themselves to be on the scene wearing their original pieces and securing coverage in the media. Hanna Beth, WHY?!!  Clearly nobody learned any lessons from Maytee’s mistakeyou don’t go around doing things on behalf of DVF without the permission of DVF. 


House of DVF Final Three


Diane ripped them a new one – rightfully so – and luckily already had the photos removed from media outlets. In an effort to “save” Hanna Beth, Cat does what she does best, interrupted the presentation to introduce Tori Kelly and conclude the evening.

At this point Diane still wasn’t really sure who to pick – Cat was her clear favorite, but the DVF team had nothing but negative things to say about her. Diane wasn’t quite sure how she felt about Hanna Beth so she called her into the dressing room to ask her one final question – are your lips real?

There’s no other way to say this, that was very rude Diane. Yes, Hanna Beth has big lips for a white girl and I semi questioned them as well, but her mom’s visit last week left me certain they were real. Still, I wouldn’t have asked, not so bluntly at least, and made the girl feel uncomfortable about her own body. Diane went on about how she embraces natural beauty and Hanna Beth pointed out that she’s stopped wearing dark lipstick and will continue to tone down her makeup. That assurance that Hanna Beth’s soup coolers are real must have done the trick because Hanna Beth won!

House of DVF Finale Three

Diane let Alli down first because she wasn’t “right” for the position. When it seemed like Diane was going to call Cat’s name, she picked Hanna Beth instead. She did let Cat know that Cat would do well for herself and go far in this business, but ultimately the edgy social media popular model won the competition.


That’s it for season two of House of DVF! I’m really sad to see Brittany Hampton depart this position, but hopeful that she’ll still be around in other ways. I am curious as to what Hanna Beth will do in this spot since her Instagram feed still veers so far from what DVF is like. I guess we’ll see…





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  • You’re welcome Rain! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recaps and that you found my blog in your search for thoughtful commentary! It’s so real that no man would ever be criticized for behaving the same way, but we know that’s a double standard that has existed between the sexes for CENTURIES!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, be sure to poke around at other posts and stay tuned – there will be more reviews and commentary for different shows coming!

  • Sara

    If you followed Hanna when she was MySpace famous or look at older pics of It is actually 100% obvious her lips are fake.

    I get why she doesn’t want to tell people but she should have told Diane. But I guess it doesn’t matter because she won anyway.

    Here is a few pictures for reference

    • Oooh! OMG you’re so right!! I did really think they were fake but seeing her mom made me think they were real, just awkward. She DEFINITELY should have been honest with Diane. I see what you’re saying about not wanting to tell everyone but when we have online evidence there’s nothing to hide.

  • ariel cherie.

    I’m satisfied Cat didn’t win. Her attitude was wack! I was leaning toward Alli from the Valley because she was sweet, but my goodness, that lack of style was so hard to look past.

    • Yay team Alli! She was SOOOO tacky but I feel like a good Clueless makeover would have made her the best candidate. Jessica Joffe tried, but Alli needed a professional styling course. I checked her Instagram though she’s gotten A LOT better!

  • Short Fuse Shanique

    Girl! I can’t believe you fell for the “my mom has the same lips” okie doke even though you know that me and my mother have lips that are quite similar. Once I saw the old ass mom getting a tattoo, I knew something was up. She’s clearly trying to be the mommy bestie and has fake lips too! I was kinda rooting for Cat but she was way too entitled. After I saw that Cat was rubbing everyone the wrong way, I knew it was a wrap for her. Then I wanted Hanna Beth to win because I do think she was good for the brand but then the fact that a person covered in that many tattoos is shy started bothering me. So, I lowkey wanted Allie to win because I think she would grow a lot from the position and she is very “girl next door.” Overall I think I didn’t like the fact that Hanna Beth is Instagram famous or whatever. I like the idea of picking a “regular” girl. I definitely want to see what Brittney will do next. I was rooting for her the whole time.

    • I mean I was on the fence! Kris’ daughters have been copying her face for years so I figured that might be the case but I’m hesitant to pick apart people’s body parts. When I saw her mom getting the tattoo I DEF was like, “wait…”. I find Hanna Beth’s diffidence to be too much for this position. She can work behind the scenes at DVF but how are you going to be greeting people? I’m still team Alli. She grew A LOT during this process and I want her to prosper in the business.

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