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House of DvF Episode 5 Recap: Single White Females

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Apparently Cree got dropped last week, and then there were five…


Part of being a global brand ambassador is representing DvF in foreign cities. An effective ambassador exudes the essence of the brand with respect to the environment she is currently in, so Diane cooked up a challenge to see how these girls would represent DvF abroad. Each girl was assigned a city and had to star in a photoshoot showing how she’d capture the city’s vibe in a DvF piece. It was FINALLY Alli’s chance to show she belongs in the competition!


House of DvF Alli Paris

Alli is an odd mix of Cree and Leigh – she’s not the right fit and isn’t quite ready. She has yet to figure out that white girls shouldn’t wear white eyeshadow and is one of those people who only know one way to dress up. Early in this episode, Jessica Joffe paid a visit to her hotel room to help Alli define and refine her personal style. Jessica’s one-on-one coaching seems to have paid off because Alli NAILED the photoshoot. Alli made a last minute decision to switch from a red dress to a black one for her Parisian-inspired shoot and Diane von Furstenberg was VERY impressed. While Chantal and HannaBeth thought black says nothing about your personality, Diane felt it captured Parisian women perfectly!


While Alli epitomized Paris, Leigh didn’t have the first clue how to dress for Sao Paulo. She claims, and is still insisting, Google told her Sao Paulo is a beach scene, but Google and books and television told me it’s more of a metropolitan, so she literally could’ve gone to any skyscraper in Manhattan to capture the right look. As usual, she whined through Diane’s critique of her photo wishing she’d known better.  Perhaps if she’d spent more time researching Sao Paulo and less time minding Hanna Beth she would have performed better.

House of DvF Leigh on Hanna Beth

Leigh, stanning for Hanna Beth

Hanna Beth seems to be doing well in the competition, but her personal life is unraveling. Her actor ex-fiance took the Rob Kardashian method to dealing with a break up and plastered their business all over social media. When Jessica Joffe found out it was brought to Diane’s attention and Diane took it as an opportunity to get to know Hanna Beth on a personal level and figure out if Hanna’s personal life would get in the way of a potential role as a brand ambassador. Hanna cried a bit, assured Diane that her edgy personality and dramatic love life wouldn’t get in the way of her being a brand ambassador and was sent back to resume the competition. Hanna was obviously shaken up, but NO ONE took Hanna Beth’s social media nightmare as bad as Leigh.

Leigh was brought to tears! I haven’t seen this odd of a reaction to someone else’s love life since Kolby  from Preacher’s Daughters found out her sister wasn’t a virgin when she got married. What does this have to do with you? Cat accused Leigh of being obsessed with Hanna Beth and she’s kinda right.

House of DvF Cat on Leigh

Leigh and Hanna Beth clearly have a mutual friendship, but Leigh seems to be more invested than Hanna Beth – to the point that when discussing the competition, she suggested Hanna Beth would likely beat all the girls. Who does that? Its great to bond during these competitions – if you all stick in the industry you’ll want friends down the road – but why would you ever verbalize that you think someone else will win over you? Even if you are the underdog or there’s a clear frontrunner. If you don’t see yourself as the best why would Diane?

House of DvF AlliCat

Speaking of odd bonds and girl crushes, Alli and Cat have a weird relationship forming as well. It may be because they’re the only two left outside of the trio but they spent a nice chunk of time bonding throughout this episode and I wonder how their personalities may rub off on each other. Will Cat’s steamrolling qualities rub off on Alli or is Alli’s submissive personality the perfect complement to Cat’s overbearing demeanor? I guess we’ll see…



House of DvF Chantal Dubai

Back to the actual competition. Leigh may have made it clear she’s not quite ready for this but it was  Chantal who had to go. Her two years at Vogue apparently taught her nothing about curating a photoshoot and though her designs from episode 3 looked great on paper, she couldn’t make it work on fabric. Her decision to add a gold chain to the back of a jersey dress made it too night-timey and forced the fabric to stretch in a way it shouldn’t.  Diane gave her a seemingly earnest speech about how this rejection is probably the fuel Chantal needs to move forward and succeed and sent her along with a bag of. Did Diane make the right choice? Absolutely. Leigh and Alli need to grow but they’ve both shown signs that they can, She hadn’t done much to stand out and what kind of brand ambassador can you be if you don’t stand out?

House of DvF Hanna Beth

Five episodes in I’m predicting that Hanna Beth wins. Diane is already over Cat’s attitude – which will apparently be addressed next week and Leigh consistently shows us she can’t handle pressure.  Alli – the warm approachable girl with no style is the antithesis of Hanna Beth who looks fly but like she’d curse you out  Alli and Hanna Beth are polar oppositeWhile Alli who is warm and approachable can be taught to have style, Hanna Beth doesn’t present herself as approachable. She herself pointed out how she’s the opposite of last year’s winner Brittany Hampton, but I’m not sure that difference will work in her favor.


Next week the final four face another challenge and apparently Cat is back to her conniving steam-rolling ways. Let’s see how this works out…


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