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House of DvF Season 2 Recap: Don’t Insult the Boss!

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The second season of House of DvF premiered at a rough time – we are in the middle of Fashion Week and the Miss America competition was also on, but its proved to be worth a watch. Last year’s winner Brittany Hampton was on deck to help  find her replacement and it looks like there’s a strong group of girls to pick from this season. Check out the fierce fashionistas vying for the coveted spot:


East Coast Ladies

House of DvF Season 2 Maytee Martinez


First Meet Maytee Martinez, the Miami model. This isn’t Maytee’s first time on TV – she was a contestant on ANTM‘s Cycle 15 as well as Model Latina. It’s clear she wants a career in fashion but the work she’s willing to put in to succeed is kinda questionable. Maytee touched on losing over 100 lbs to become a model, which shows her dedication and willpower, but in the New York challenge my girl was a bit quick to gossip about the competition. I also slightly question people who appear on several reality TV shows. Her other reality shows were similar – modeling competitions – but appearances on multiple shows makes me wonder if you are chasing this career or just chasing the fame.

House of DvF Season 2 Chantal Trujillo

How bad does Chantal Trujillo want it? So bad she’s willing to leave her position as a jewelry assistant at Vogue – one I’ll gladly fill if Vogue is looking – for this opportunity.  Chantal would be forgettable if she hadn’t become sick during the challenge and walked away without warning. Health comes first but I get the feeling her illness had a lot to do with nerves. If you’re going to vomit every time there’s a fashion show this might not be the space for you dear.


House of DvF Season 2 Cat Wennekamp

Isn’t it odd to have a brand ambassador that doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the company? That’s why Cat Wennekamp is a bit off to me. She’s fly, but more edgy than I’d ever consider Diane von Furstenburg pieces to be.  Cat’s audition tape reminded me of a Kanye interview – in which she insults the people she wants to work for and insists they need her to be great. Despite her uncouth approach at pursuing a job, Diane decided to give her a chance. She seems to have the receipts to back up her Kanfidence but I think she’ll need a healthy dose of humility if she wants to win and do well as a brand ambassador.



West Coast Ladies


House of DvF Season 2 Hanna Beth Merjos


If Cat genuinely thinks the Diane von Furstenburg brand needs more edge so that the “cool girls” will wear it Hanna Beth Merjos  might be the best solution. After watching her video, Diane called Hanna Beth “a little trouble” but as long as Hanna Beth keeps her trouble to a minimum she might be a good fit. Hanna Beth is vampy and a tad sultry but its clear she can transform from gothic chic to refined with minimal effort.


House of DvF Season 2 Leigh Fidler


Leigh Fidler is Hanna Beth’s polar opposite. The 21 year-old student has professional experience – she’s interned with Brad Goreski and Giorgio Armani –  but has the confidence of a home-schooled math nerd on a first date with Rihanna – she doesn’t know what to do when she doesn’t know what to do. Leigh was the only contestant to show up in a DvF wrap dress which impressed Diane, but I thought it showcased a sophomoric approach to impressing a potential boss. There’s no indicator she won’t be able to make it in the fashion industry but I get the feeling Leigh isn’t fully equipped for this competition yet.


House of DvF Season 2 Cree Nixon

When I think of a brand ambassador I think of someone who is warm and open and no one exemplified these characteristics more than Cree Nixon. It could be her youth, southern upbringing, or the fact that she’s – most likely – named after my favorite 90s flower child, but Cree has a warm, inviting free spirit that would be great for making women comfortable with any brand. Rachel Zoe called Cree on her big mistake during the LA challenge but Cree’s open personality was enough to make Diane keep her around. What I like most about Cree is that when made aware of her glaring mistake and her biggest asset, she took both critiques as an opportunity to assess herself and learn.

House of DvF Season 2 Alli Davis

Most people were put off by Alli from the Valley but I like her – she’s kind of a diamond in the rough!  She’s similar to last season’s Lenore Genovese in the sense that both girls are archetypes of their infamous hometowns but seem super sweet and super driven. Even if she doesn’t do well in this competition I have high hopes that Alli Davis will make it in the industry!


If these are our seven finalists who got eliminated?


Current brand ambassador Brittany Hampton discovered a  male stylist/designer that piqued her interest and Diane von Furstenburg had no problem entertaining the notion of having man contestant but he didn’t rise to the occasion. As a designer, Jeremy may have captured the attention of Lupita Nyong’o but as a contestant he couldn’t capture the right photos during their runway challenge and was sent home.

In this crew of stylists, bloggers, models and designers vying for the position Brittany also threw in a single mom. I’m pretty sure Breagan Williams brought up her relationship/motherhood status more times than she brought up her love of fashion, admiration of DvF or anything else I’m actually interested in hearing about. We get it, being a single mom is rough, but we don’t want to hear about it all the time. Are you here looking for a job or looking for a man to play stepdad to a toddler? She was cute and I always love to see a curly girl reppin’ but why do I know more about your motherhood than your ambition to succeed in this competition? Luckily Breagan was canned when she suggested Rachel Zoe wear a daytime jumper to an evening Oscar party.



This season of House of DvF has a diverse pool of talent and though six of these ladies won’t land the position, I see bright futures for each of them. Their eclectic mix will make for great TV – I’m eager to see if alliances are formed and how the ladies will handle conflict – but  it’s still too soon for me to pick favorites.


Next week’s episode is on E! at 10pm. Tune in and live tweet with me!

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  • thefatandskinny

    I had no idea that this show was back on. #BLMgirls

    • Yes girl! It looks like this season will be more interesting!

  • Kasi Perkins

    Really great recap! I barely have time to watch TV these days, but it sounds like a show I’d enjoy. #BLMGirls

    • It’s up against a lot of competition – football, award shows, etc. But worth watching if you can catch it on DVR!

  • Thanks for the recap. I loved watching the first season (so happy Brittany won!) do I knew I’ll be back for the 2nd.

    Haven’t watched the premiere. That’s why I only skimmed through this post making sure not to spoil myself. But once I do watch it, coming straight back here for a refresher.

    • Yes! Get into it! Once you’ve seen the premiere let’s discuss!!!

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  • Shanique Short Fuse

    I hated Cree. The nappy side fade bothers me eyes; without glasses or contacts. I liked Hanna Beth except for the fact her parents thought that Hanna Beth is an acceptable name. She’s not that old. What were they thinking?! You already know how I feel about former fatties so the Latina is out for me. Allie from the Valley isn’t loveable like Leonore was to me. Leonore knew she didn’t know anything and wanted to learn. Allie seems to think she’s fly. I wish they would’ve kept the dude, for entertainment purposes only. I wanna see more last season’s winner mainly because I loved how she got the challenges done and still read bishes along the way.

    • Cree is cool but she is a bit off-brand. She seems more like a funky blogger who transforms “classic” to “trendy” in ways you never thought of than a brand ambassador. I’ve been trying to figure out why Hanna Beth didn’t drop the “Beth” in 3rd grade. I’m curious to see if they’ll bring Brittany back for more challenges towards the end…