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I’m making ‘Treat ‘Yo Self!’ my 2017 beautylution

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Somewhere over the past few years I let self care fall too low on my list of priorities. What used to be biweekly beauty appointments slipped into stopping by the salon once every few months. Over time I realize how skipping regular beauty treatments has negatively affected my mood. That’s why in 2017 I’m resolving to make pampering a regular part of my routine.




People really underestimate the power of a good blowout, freshly manicured nails or a regular facial. A great beauty appointment can have you feeling extremely confident and even persuade others to treat you better. Sure I can do any of these treatments on my own, I even dedicated a year to doing so, but allowing someone else to do these things for me is an important part of the pampering process. It affords me time to relax and takes pressure of away from myself. When I leave the salon I feel confident and am overall more pleasant to be around. So really, pampering myself won’t only help me, it helps everyone I come in contact with!



2017 mood


So over the next year, I will be sure to treat myself to professional pampering on a regular basis. I’ll make room in both my wallet and my calendar for treatments even if it means saying “no” to other wants. I’m sure that in the end, all this self-care will make me a happier, better person. 🙂

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