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Inside Atelier Cologne’s Petite Maison de Parfum

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A good fragrance should be a staple on everyone’s vanity, whether you’re male or female but finding the right one can be hard. I spent an evening at Atelier Cologne’s Nolita boutique learning about the history of the young fragrance company and learning more about my own personal taste in perfume.



A little background: Atelier Cologne is the love child of married couple Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel.  The French duo wanted to create a line of fragrances that appeal to olfactory senses as well as memories. Each scent was created with a story in mind and customers are encouraged to gravitate towards scents that bring invoke their warmest memories.



I tend to prefer what are deemed as “feminine” scents but Sylvie and Christophe are firm on the idea of gender neutrality. Each scent is made without regard to gender – that’s a marketing ploy we’ve fed into according to Christophe- but tailored to each individual’s preferences. When creating each scent they like to blend fragrances in a way that allows the dominating scent to shine but still allow secondary notes the chance to make their presence known.  I have the chance to smell some of these notes in their raw form and surprise – a lot of them smell different than after they’ve been blended!



When I visited their store I got to preview their newest group of colognes: Collection Azur. This spring-friendly four piece collection contains a calm citrus – Mandarin Glaciale, a  flirty feminine floral – Sud Magnolia, a masculine spicy – Figuer Ardent and a woodsy scent – Cedre Atlas. Though its up to every individual to pick their own parfum, I’d suggest the Mandarin for weekend, Sud Magnolia for date night, Figuer Ardent for men and the Cedra Atlas for work.



Like Sylvie and Christophe, I’m a firm believer that fragrances should be personalized. The right cologne connects with your personality and fuses with your natural scent, but you can never get too personal right?  When you buy a 100 ml – that’s 1 oz –  Atelier takes personalization a step further with engraved cases! A short message or phrase – I like my name – fits nicely on the leather travel case.





Atelier has made their products conveniently available at Sephora but if you’re in New York City – or Paris or Hong Kong – their boutique is worth checking out. Each boutique has a larger selection than Sephora stores and includes little gems like soaps and candles that match your favorite scent!



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