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I’ve Been Blogging for Five Years… It’s Time I Step Things Up

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Guess what? This blog turns five today!

I always try to look at this date as a “review period”, where I assess how I’ve progressed over the course of the time I’ve spent running this site. At this time last year I was impressed by how much I’d grown in four years, but still didn’t feel like I’d done “enough”. This year I’m trying to focus on the positive.


Over the past year I’ve continued to grow in different ways. I’ve spent time expanding my skill set and can honestly say I’m steadily improving! Each week I find myself taking the proper steps towards mastering a new skill and I’m excited to execute all the ideas I’m drumming up.

I’m hesitant to share my future plans, because the first time I announced ambitious initiatives guess what happened? I didn’t meet them.  I don’t want to set myself up for falling short, but I also believe in speaking things into existence. This anniversary, rather than setting goals that are hard to reach I’m making more reasonable aspirations.

My first goal for year six? Write more. If I’m being honest, I’ve been slipping. I want to make sure I’m consistently writing here and for other sites as well. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll know anytime I’m published anywhere!

By now you’ve probably listened to my podcast, Poised n Polished, right? If not you’re missing out! Last season was GREAT, and as part of my goal to expand my journalistic skills, I’m already planning ways to make season 3 better. Sign up here to be notified when Season 3 premieres!


Since I’m expanding my talents to include audio production, why not venture into video? I’ve officially launched my YouTube – you can check out the first video here – and hope to update my channel as often as possible.

I know, soo many different projects – how can anyone keep up with me right? That’s why I launched itsestafiesta.com!

My initial purpose in starting this blog was to create an online space where potential employers could see my writing. Now that I’ve expanded my talents to include writing, podcasting, social media management and YouTube, it’s hard to properly showcase all of those projects here so I launched an official portfolio page! This is not the death of Living Fiesta – I’ll still update this site – but my portfolio gives viewers a comprehensive look at my multimedia talents.


Romper ~ Victoria Beckham for Target | Sandals ~ Coach | Sunglasses ~ Urban Outfitters | Ring/Bracelet ~ Eddie Borgo

Thanks for supporting me for the past five years. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing!


Esta Fiesta is a Brooklyn based blogger with a love of music and finding new shoes. When she's not watching a movie or testing out new hair products she can be found doing Pilates - but only so she can eat from the waffle truck of course! Follow her Tweets at @ItsEstaFiesta