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Grammys 2013 Red Carpet: J.Lo and Katy Perry dismiss CBS’ dress code

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The Grammys is known for its provocative red carpet appearances, so this year CBS issued a dress code requesting that “buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered” and that “the genital region is adequately covered so that there is no visible “puffy” bare skin exposure.” Some stars worked their way around the rules and others didn’t let anything phase them. Keep scrolling to see who got it right and who got it wrong this year.

Best Dressed

Rihanna in Alai

Rihanna rarely does wrong, and even then she looks amazing. Her A-line Alaia dress, which she loves, was one of the best of the evening.


Solange is by far the best-dressed Knowles, and her elegant green sparkly dress last night proved it. The studded orange pumps and dangerously high slit make this look.

Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra

Wow! Kelly seriously flirted with the CBS rules . Covering up exactly what they requested and leaving sheer lines that make the imagination wonder in this Georges Chakra number. Work it girl!

Taylor Swift in J. Mendel

Taylor Swift has been flirting with her good angel, bad devil images lately and we’re never quite sure which way she’ll go. Even though her opening performance was definitely the latter, this Grecian goddess J. Mendel dress with matching braided updo is definitely the former, and follows the dress code.


In a print no one else could pull off, Estelle redeemed herself with a two piece midriff baring mermaid look.

Worst Dressed

John Mayer in Brioni

So this is why Katy Perry arrived alone? Who would want to be seen with John Mayer in his blue velvet Brioni blazer and “trying-too-hard-to-be-hipster” hair?

Kat Dennings in Vivienne Westwood

Is Kat Dennings trying to blur the lines between herself and her character on 2 Broke Girls? Newsflash, in real life you are  NOT a broke girl, you are a TV actress who is invited to major award shows. Dress like one. Her cup runneth over just a little less this time, and she should’ve went long, not short on the dress. Can anyone explain why she’s wearing casual Steve Madden shoes from two years ago that DON’T complement the look? This print on her and her hair and makeup had SOOOO much potential. Kat should take that cupcake money she’s been saving up and invest in a better red carpet wardrobe.

Esperanza Spalding in Eden Diodati

Perhaps trying to take attention away from her hair, the Best Jazz Vocal Album winner came in a busy floor length dress with matching coverup and clunky shoes. So Esperanza Spalding, now that you’ve got three Grammys what are you going to do? Hire a stylist.

Adele in Giorgio Armani

The Best Pop Solo Performance Winner should’ve set fire to this Giorgio Armani dress. I guess there’s a reason she always does black, because as predictable as it may be, it works – this doesn’t. Her signature black dress paired with these shoes would be a better venture into color.

Dress Code Violators

Katy Perry in Gucci

The color on this Gucci gownworks wonders on Katy Perry and the strategic cutout showing her near perfect boob cleavage is a nice middle finger to CBS and their rules. The embellishment around the neck draws leaves no need for accessories. Nice job Katy!

Jennifer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello

Jennifer Lopez read those CBS rules, decided it was a jab at her iconic green dress and said, “I’ll show them!!”. She got Anthony Vaccarello to slab together a garbage bag and make a cut  that flirts just outside the boundaries the network set for her. She picked out fierce shoes and a striking clutch and bangles, but there’s nothing to this dress except for an Angelina leg opportunity.

Honorable Mentions

Chris Brown in Lanvin

Breezy showed a lot of maturity last night, he applauded when new rival Frank Ocean beat him for Best Contemporary Urban Album, spoke as eloquently as he is capable of, and showed up in a clean white Lanvin suit. Though the pants could be better tailored and the bulky $1 belt should be  concealed, this is much better than we’ve seen him lately.

Beyonce in Osman

Maybe she wanted to Solange and Kelly shine, or maybe being the woman of the year is just taking its toll on Mrs. Carter and she had to take a break from being fabulous and actually put on pants. This Osman look is simple, classy, but not quite enough for the Grammys.

Janelle Monae worked with Erin Hirsch

This CoverGirl stayed true to her black and white menswear look but ventured out this time in a brocade embellished lapel  by Erin Hirsch and open-toed shoes. Of course in true Janelle Monae tradition her beauty look – lips, nails, and toes – were all red.

The Fellas

Skrillex in his 90s grunge look

Skrillex, please see advice to Esperanza Spalding above and apply it accordingly.


The Grammys need to hurry up and give Nas one of these 18 awards he’s been nominated for, so he can actually get on stage and show rappers how they’re supposed to dress for an award show. He did the different color blazer look the right way, and that understated gold chain attached to his pocket square was the perfect, and most unique, accessory. Almost made me forget he forgot to tailor the bottom of his pants and put on real shoes.


Why Lupe, why?

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