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Jewelry Stackers are the Best Thing I Bought All Month

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Jewelry Stackers – the answer to my latest closet organization problems!

Jewelry Storage is an investment I’ve been looking into for quite some time now. I don’t own a lot of jewelry – it’s expensive and the cheap stuff doesn’t agree with my skin – but it’d be nice if I could organize my pieces somewhere instead of sprawling them across the top of my dresser. That’s why I’m glad I found these Jewelry Stackers at The Container Store.

Mini Jewelry Stackers

Mini Jewelry Stackers are separates that interlock, so you can mix and match to create storage that fits your specific needs. There are “classic” and “Supersize” options, but I went for the minis since my jewelry collection is still small and there’s only so much space on my dresser!


Mini Jewelry Stackers

The lidded top has a section for rings sandwiched between two long, undefined sections.  The long sections can be used for anything from a watch to bracelets or necklaces like the Amethyst necklace I picked up on vacation last month.


Mini Jewelry Stackers

Underneath the top is my mini 11 section stacker which holds studs, small hoops and any rings too big to fit in the ring holder. That double sized section in the middle? I haven’t figured out what belongs there just yet but I imagine if I ever get a double finger ring or dangly earrings they’ll have a home!

Mini Jewelry Stackers

As my jewelry collection grows – hey Nordstrom sale! –  I’ll continue to add more stackers as necessary. That’s the best part of these things – there are multiple options and I can customize them to cater to my personal jewelry collection!



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